Pyramid/Sequerra T-1 Tweeter

I recently bought what was advertised as a "Sequerra T1 MK IV" tweeter. What I got is a Pyramid Loudspeaker Corporation T-1" ribbon tweeter. Can anyone tell me anything about this tweet? I know that Sequerra designed for Pyramid at one time. Do I have a Sequerra T-1 MK 1 ( the tweet says "patent pending' so I assume it's pretty old)? Or did Sequerra start his own line of T-1 tweeters? Any info on age or history would be appreciated. Regards, David
I thought I had read on his website a while back, that those were like $2000 a piece? I could be mistaken. I've not heard or seen these, and I apologize for asking. Was just curious if this is what you have. If so, is it that much better than less costly units?
The current model (Sequerra T-1 Mk IV) retail for $4500/pair on the Sequerra web site. Mine were manufactured by the Pyramid Loudspeaker Corp which I assume is out of business since I can't find any reference to them on audio sites. I haven't listened to a lot of ribbons and can't give an opinion on relative prices. These sould fabulous. I have Scanspeak tweeters on my speakers (Nova Audio Rendition) and the Pyramids edge them out for clarity.
I'll be happy to take those nasty old Renditions off your hands for chump change, since maybe you can't bear to hear or see them anymore? (Repeat after me: "My Rosewood finish seems dated to me, I must get rid of these speakers before the audio fashion police book me!"!)..................I also have the Scanspeak Revelator tweeters for one of my unfinished two-way projects, and IMO they're the best dome tweeters in existence for overall performance (I've heard most of the rest). I hope I never become so jaded that I would even begin to scoff at something like a Nova Rendition! IMO, even the Genesis ribbon tweeters aren't as good as the Revelator (I haven't heard their bigger line arrays thoguh, only the smaller systems), not near as dynamic or life-like...................But, all the best to you and your listening pleasure anyway, though! I enjoy my much less costly system, but would love to borrow your Nova Renditions if you're in my area (i.e., where I could truck them myself). MIND YOU, I AM DREAMING HERE...but it's a nice dream. Happy listening, enjoy your speakers!
Sequerra made a speaker called the Metronome which was pyramid shaped to eliminate parallel sides. Thus, the pyramid name. He then marketed a speaker called the Metronome pyramid which in its base design had, even for that time a inexpensive minimonitor that was primarily a midrange monitor but worked quite well as a stand alone bookshelf speaker called the Met 7. To this could be added a woofer unit that it could sit on and what was considered one of the sweetest tweeters on the market, a Sequerra ribbon tweeter. I believe it came out in the early 80's. Todays Sequerra speaker is a evolution of this original design now, of course, much more expensive and more refined. This tweeter may be what you bought.
Did you get just one tweeter? I suppose you could enhance the center channel in a theater setup, but I don't know what else you could do with it. The T-1 is a classic, rarely found on the used market. If it says Pyramid Loudspeaker Corp., however, it may not be a Mk IV, which is the current T-1 model, manufactured under the Sequerra name, not Pyramid. You can log onto his site and email him about it if you want to find out for sure.
Thanks for all the responses. Let's sort of answer things in order. The Nova Audio Renditions are fine speakers. In fact, they're spectacular speakers. You can listen to them if you live in the Washington DC area but I'm not quite ready to start a loan program. My HT system is pretty much finished so now I'm playing with toys. I bought the Sequerras (and I did get a pair) to compare with my Scanspeak tweeters. They're clearly not the MK IV. There's no date on the speakers or literature, but the speakers say "Patent Pending" so they're the first model of whatever they are. They are about 5 inches high, 4 to five inches wide and about 8 inches deep. They do look like a truncated pyramid. They have honking large magnets. If I put them within 6 inches of each other they immediately slide together. I sent an email to asking for more information but that was on Friday night and I'm sure they won't answer before Tuesday. Well, got to go. I bought some new CDs today and it's time to crank up the volume.
D, I'm not in your area, but if I ever get into the D.C. area, I any just look you up. I'd love to hear Renditions in just about any system context. All the best for the new year!!!...Carl