Pwr enhancer or straight from the wall?

I have heard that high current pwr amps sound better if they are pluged straight in from the wall. In fact when I had the Aragon 4004 this is what I did. Now going to tubes(Anthem amp1) I am wondering if going back to a pwr conditioner(lightspeed 3200) will keep the amp from doing all it can do. Do tube amps have the high current draw as solid state amps? Thanks in advance. (BTW I am currently using the amp in this mode and do not hear any ill effects.)
Often a power conditioner will limit dynamic range with amplifiers and the soundstage will become very two dimensional and lean. There is a used Tara AD/6C here, and this model does not limit dynamic range. If you are satisifed with the results, then continue to use Lightspeed. I am a firm adherent to having everything feed through a power filter. I would add up the power requirements of all components and verify the sum does not exceed the Lightspeed's capacity. Good listening.
Blueswan it sounds like the reversed has happened. The music sounds alot clearer,detailed,etc. I believe the cleaning up that the lightspeed is doing has given me the results I hear now. Stay tuned!
Glad to hear it! Enjoy your music, and get back to us.
High power amps do not mean high current in all cases. You need to take one home from a dealer to see if there is a difference. Make sure you install a hospital grade outlet, $8-$12 througha local electronic store, check your yelow pages for electrical supply store. I have not heard the difference with my set up but have on a friends.

hope this helps. Go try one.

This is an old debate so you have to try it for yourself & compare. Chang Lightspeed is claimed to not limit dynamics which is one reason I bought a 3200 for my source components & a 9900 Amp for my amps. Stereophile recommends the Chang, further stating that they didn't notice dynamic degradations with it. Sometimes I use the 9900 & other times not, depending upon which amp & AC cord I have in use at the time. The amps that like my filtered Custom Power AC cords sound better straight-to-line, while others that like unfiltered Synergistic cords are better through the 9900 which has 30 amp capacity. The 3200 is rated for only 15 amps but apparently that is enough for your Anthem.
I'm about to direct-wire my Aleph 2s (300 w idle ea) to the board with 10-2 Romex, through a 30amp HD switch to a hosp grade outlet. I'll let you know if there's a diff. PCs yet to be decided....
Bought two heavy duty Leviton duplex outlets at the Depot as well. The $4 "commercial" one and the $11 hosp grade one differed ONLY in the separate floating ground of the chassis. Same contacts, molded parts, thickness, etc.
Except of course for the orange color.
You really think they sound different? C'mon. Yeah, I guess the orange is warmer....