pwr conditioner - vans evers unlimiter

hi all,

as i got no response when posting this in a thread on the ps-audio ultimate outlet, i thought i'd fish for feedback in a gnu thread. so, has anyone had any experience w/gnus? ;~)

seriously, i presently run my amps straight-in to the wall outlets - it gives the best sound - i don't tink i could afford the two ps-audio p1200's i'd prolly need to power-condition my amps w/o sucking the life outta them! ;~) but, i'm nervous running 'em unprotected - has anyone had any experience w/the vans evers *unlimiter*? this is a four-outlet conditioner specifically for amps, said specifically *not* to limit the current awailable to yer amps, regardless of their draw. at a retail price of $675, it sounds like it mite almost be worthwhile...

thanks in adwance, doug s.

thanks, doug s.

I have a Vansevers Reference 83. It has two plugs dedicated for amplifiers. I did some experimentation. Even just moving the Amp from a regular analog or digital plug on the conditioner to the Amplifier plug had a very positive improvement. I would think a separate amplifier conditioner would be even better. Mike Vansever also makes separate dedicated digital and analog conditioners. Have you read all the information on his website? Quite of few recording studios are using his stuff.
The VE Unlimiter is a great product that I highly recommend. It offers the perfect solution to the issue of running "naked" into the wall directly. No more worries about spikes/surges. Well worth the $$$ IMHO. I am using mine to power a BAT VK-500 and haven't noticed ANY loss in dynamics. In fact, having a clean power supply for my amplifier has really enhanced the overall performance of my system. Just be sure to replace the crappy stock cord that comes with it.

I am using a "standard" (about $150) Vansevers power cord with my Reference 83. Much better than the stock cord. I also use one on my REL sub.
Doug: no experience with The Unlimiter but here's a good alternative. I have the Chang Lightspeed 9900 AMP. 30 amp capacity, has 4 hospital outlets, MOV (varistor) line-transient protection, input & output LED indicators, & does not constrain the amps' current. Works fine with upgrade AC cords. hope this helps...
I am using a Vans Evers model 141 (14 outlets) with everything plugged into it. Fantastic! Highly recommend Mike's products. The man is a genius.
If you phone or eMail the company you can talk to Mike himself if you ask. He is a great guy.
i did email mike; he seems wery friendly. also sez i'd need *two* unlimiters for my two electrocompaniet amps & my two bridged adcom subwoofer amps. i guess they're not *completely* current-unlimiting... ;~) at least he's up-front about it!

thanks all, doug

further follow-up from mike re: 1 vs 2 unlimiters for 4 amps:

"If you have only 4 amps it would work. However, accounts from the field seem to lean towards splitting up high power/current amps from lower power/current amps. You could always start off with one and add another later if you think its necessary or want another step up."

while the current of my adcoms ain't too shabby, the electrocompaniets can draw some serious current. if i try an unlimiter, i imagine i'd yust keep the adcoms plugged into the wall until i could afford a 2nd unlimiter, but i could try all 4 amps...

doug s.

Dug; thanks for the thread-- and reference to it. Also thanks to others for the above responses re: Van evers products. They sound attractive. Does anyone happen to know if they have a return policy? My McCormack DNA-2DX can potentially produce 2400 watts into 1 ohm, but I've got a feeling that other things would start failing before it ever got to this power level-- I think that represents quite a few amperes. It'd be interesting to hear of your experience(s) if you do this. Thanks. Craig.
........I'd just add that a Tice Elite 4 Power Conditioner sucked the life right out of the McCormack. And in fact, I now have everything plugged directly into dedicated outlets, but plan on a PS Audio P300 for transport, DAC, and pre-amp. Cheers. Craig
Craig, my DNA-1 sounds noticeably better plugged straight into the wall. Plugged into the Vans Evers Model 83, even one of the amp outlets, diminished dynamics; it was the basic "adding veils to the music."
ok, update time - i purchased 2 of steve bruzonsky's unlimiters (adwertised here on a-gon; he may still have one or two) to have a go in my system. while i haven't yet done any critical listening w/familiar material - i was planted in the sweet-spot w/the tuna workin' for an hour, a couple times - initial werdict, w/one on the amps, is absolutely no sonic degradation, perhaps a smidge tighter & fuller. all in all, a satisfactory deal, as i'm lookin' for protection, not sonic improvements. i put the second unit on my pre/fono-stage/turntable/tuna, as opposed to putting two on the 4 amps. again, similar werdict - no penalty, perhaps a tad fuller sound - more *serious* ewaluation is in order. definitely will keep me happy until i can afford to try a ps-300 on the front-end, & run both unlimiters on my amps.

doug s.

I too bought a VansEvers Unlimiter from Steve Bruzonsky, from his listing here on A-gon. It made an instant, dramatic improvement in everything we listen for: inner detail, stage, dynamic range, bass... you name it.