Pwer Cord For BAT Pre-Amp and Muse CD?

Any power cord suggestions for a BT VK5 SE pre-amp and Muse Model 8 & 296? The equiment is plugged into and Audio Prism Foundation 3. Thanks!
I'm using the Synergistic Research Master Coupler on the VK-5i and it works great. More depth, natural dynamics and smoother, darker backgrounds. I'd recommend that power cord highly. Also works well on my Wadia CD player and the VK-500 amp. Very thick and stiff and quite inconvenient to work with though. The best cheap add-on cord may be the LAT International cord, with which I've had good luck, though not in the same level as the Synergistic Research.
I'd check out the Stealth power cords, viewable at I'm using three and they made a major improvement for me, over (old) Cardas, Classe and homemade ones of my own. Affordable, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You stand to lose only shipping costs.
Try the Delta Audio Labs power cords. You will not be disappointed.
Alexc - Don't mess around with a bunch of slight-to-moderate improvements. Go to the Powersnakes, King Cobras preferably. They're expensive, but nothing else comes close on front-end equipment. Try them. You'll own them.
Hi Alexc, I just called Steve Bednarski from BAT about a week ago and we discussed tweaking my system. When I brought up power cords he suggested I skip that for now and by Symposium Rollerblocks to put under my transport, dac, and pre-amp first. He felt that this would give me a much bigger improvement over upgrading my power cords. The people from Avalon have a lot of good things to say about the cable products from First Impression Music including their power cords. I thought you might also want to know that Victor Khomenko's encore to the VK60 is finally out. You can get info- on the new tube amps on the BAT web-site. I cant wait to hear the new VK150se amps in my system. Good luck, Tom
Many thanks to all for your help. Will have chance to try the Synergistic Master Coupler in a couple of weeks, and will be on the lookout for the other suggestions on Audiogon. Tom - I just checked the BAT website last week and saw the news about the new amp line. Any idea what the list prices will be on the new amps?
Hello Alexc, I hope I got this right. The Vk75 stereo is $6ooo: the mono-VK150 $12,ooo: VK75se stereo $8500: mono-VK150se $17,000: To upgrade a VK60 to a VK60se is $2500 per-amp. I own the mono-VK60's. I have to decide what upgrade path to take. If the VK150se sounds as good as I've been told I know that's where I'll want to be. Two months ago I bought a pair of Eidolons so I have to wait and save. I already feel that in many aspects that the mono-VK60's is one of the best sounding amps at any price. So I'm really looking foward to hearing the new BAT amps. The se-version of the amps is supposed to be every bit as profound in performance as the 50se was over the 5i. Happy listening Alexc! Tom