PWB Headphones, any one hear of 'em?

I stumbled across a pair the other day. They're electrostats and plug in to an amps speaker outs (via a transformer of sorts).

I can't seem to find out much on them, other than they were made by Mr. Peter W Belt.

If anyones got some info or impressions for me, I'd be interested to hear it.
I've never heard of the headphones (which is surprising, given that I'm a long-time head-fi guy), but IIRC, Peter Belt was a pretty well-known magik tweaker from a decade or more ago. I don't recall any of his tweaks specifically, but they were in the class of today's Magic Pebbles, etc., unexplainable phenomena that most laughed at and the minority of believers swore by.

Any pictures of the headphones?
There is not much known about them and in the 5 years of collecting electrostatic headphones I've only come across the transformer/adapter once so they are quite rare. I'd love to see some pictures of them.
Sorry guys, I couldn't grab any pics. They're for sale in a local shop. Complete with transformer.

One hundred & eighty clams and I could be an owner. Not sure I'm ready to pull the trigger, though.

180$ is a pretty steep price for something that not much is known about. Vintage electrostatic headphones almost always need to be looked at as foam breaks down and shorts out and glue dries and cracks so it can be a bit of a pitfall. Most are beyond repair.

You can buy a new Stax setup with a set of SR-202 headphones and an amp for 450$ from Japan and they are definitely much much better. Vintage Stax units are in high demand now so they cost more then the new updated units.
I have 2 pairs of these headphones with the low end and the high end transformers. Both are in great condition apart fron the cable which I replaced with telephone wire.
They still sound great.