PV-11 Phono Stage...How Does It Rate With Others?

Just how does this phono stage compare to some other name brand separate phono stages? On a scale of 1 to 10 what has been your impression?

My reason for asking? It's the only phono stage I've heard in my current system.
It is very good for what it is. The PV-11 is always listenable and has a nice rich sound with good soundstaging. It is not super detailed or anything what would be called analytical. It always lets the music come through.

The drawbacks are that the power supply is not as quiet as it could be. The use of .8mv MC's or higher is recommended for best performance.
I had a PV-11 that I bought new in 1990 give or take a year.
I found when I upgraded to separates that it was a better phono section than some separate phono pre amps. Listen to your ears, listen and determine what you think.