PV-10, PV-11, PV-12, SFL-1 Sig or LS2? Help

I'm looking to sell my SS preamp and move to a tubed pre. I don't want to spend any more money than I am likely to get for my current pre (ARC LS-9) which is probably in the $700 range.

I'm looking for something that will be pretty euphonic, but not overly so.

All of the preamps that I have listed above can be had for the same or less than $700.

Even though my amp is tubed, it tends to be pretty analytical, so I'm looking for something that'll kind of "smooth" things out.

Here's the rest of my system for reference:

MSB Link DAC III with P1000, ModWright mods, Upsampling (Just purchased on the 'goN last night.)
Pre (to be determined) currently LS-9
ARC D-115MK2
Magnepan 1.6/QR

Thanks in advance for your help!
i do not think you are going to get the euphonic sound out of an ls2.

i would also look at an audible allusions; counterpoint 3.1 or 5.1; arc sp6; all of these have a pretty good phono section if you ever get the itch.

good luck
The PV-11 and PV-12 are very similar. The progression of that basic design of CJ preamp is PV5 was replaced by the PV8, then came the PV11, then PV12.

I actually prefer the PV-10 even though it is the lowest cost. They have been making it since 1989 and it has not changed much. "If it ain't broke don't fix it."

I suggest you should get PV10BL (latest version with no phono), which is very smooth and warm sound with affordable price.
There is also I believe still a BAT VK3 for $850 here on 'Gon.Big wide stage and BAT build quality.Also look for older stuff without the hype and sex appeal.I am keeping for now a Muse Model 1 which sold for $2500 9 years ago that has a massive seperate power supply and a fantastic hi-gain phon section.It blows away anything out there for less than a grand but because it's "old" I'd be lucky to get $750 for it and it might languish for awhile at $500.Look for some older models as long as they don't have leaky caps etc.
The c-j PV-8, 11, and 12 (all zero-feedback, cathode-follower designs) were all positioned above and cost more than the PV-10 in their day. I own an 8 w/phono and like it a lot, but I've thought about trying to find an 11 w/phono because the 8 has more gain than I ever need while the 11 (and 12) have less, probably resulting in a higher S/N ratio and a more wide-open volume pot setting (also, their tubesets are more commonly available types). The 12 alone has a stepped attenuator for volume rather than a pot, but lacks the Left/Right/Mono control that I like for old vinyl playback (I believe it's the "a" version of the 12 that also has a sturdier chassis than the others). Of course, all of these lack remotes, and don't do balanced operation. I do think the sound of my 8 is slightly euphonic, what I describe as a "sunny" sound, but this only really becomes obvious in comparision to CD playback going straight into the amp. I enjoy its sound and consider it to be true high-fidelity in terms of response, extension, grainlessness, resolution, naturalness, space, and musicality, but the later units do have a reputation (unconfirmed by me) of being a little more nuetral, dynamic, and transparent overall. What it is not is dry, hard, thin, or fatiguing. The phono section is quite good but may lack the last word in bass power, and is best with a medium output cartridge. c-j's website has good info on all the past models.
Thanks for the information so far. I'm beginning to lean toward the Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Signature. I've owned the SFL-1 with a Mullard tube and it was pretty nice. If the "Signature" upgrade is an appreciable improvement, then it should sound pretty good.

It sounds like more than a few people like the PV-10 more than the 11 and 12.

One thing that seems pretty unanimous is that the Audio Research LS-2 is definitely NOT going to sound more euphonic, so that's off the list.

The BAT VK3 looks like a nice piece too, but is honestly a bit more than I'd like to spend.

Also, the PV-12L that I was looking at buying appears to have been sold and the others here on the 'goN are "AL" versions which are more than I'm willing to spend.

So...Between the SFL-1 Signature and PV-11, which would be more synergistic?
I paired the LS2B MKII with a D115 MKII for 5 years with excellent results. The midrange was rich and full.
However, for best results do not use the stock Sovtek 6922.

The LS2B MKII is higly recommended with the D115 MKII.