Puzzle:Integrated. Vintage. Tube. Phono. Headphone

Are you able to name any units for me to research? I'm looking for tube integrated amps with a phono stage and headphone jack. Vintage or modern.

I like the flexibility of my Accuphase E 202 solid state integrated but now I'm looking to go back to tubes. This is for a phono only and headphones only system. I've found the McIntosh MA 230, a Scott 222C, What else you got for me?
If you don't need to drive speakers, why not getting dedicated tube headphone amp(perhaps Consonance)?
I fully agree with your tube decision. Although, many vintage models applied the headphone output as more of a secondary add-on feature in a way. I myself would choose a purpose built Headphone only system for your application. I DO really love vintage components, tho my system consists of (nice:) modern tube components. When I (less often) listen to headphones, I use AKG K1000 which are designed to connect directly to amplifiers speakers outputs. Btw, I use Wavelength 300B or 45 Amplifiers
I would go with something modern. If you were looking for a vintage tube amp, that's one thing. Preamps are another matter. Go with a modern design. I would also consider getting an external phono preamp and/or headphone amp. Otherwise your choices may be very limited.
Sorry, I should have added I'm trying to keep the unit under $1000 for the integrated and an additional headphone amp as mentioned above.

Sorry for asking this question here again: I asked a while ago but now I've adjusted some requirements.

Thanks again.