Putting Together my First System - Naim Uniti + Spendor or Naim?

Hi All, 

I'm excited to be shopping for my first proper two channel stereo system, and I was hoping to get some feedback and advice on considerations I should make while both choosing my gear and completing the purchase. 

First, a little bit about my listening environment - Very open, Appx 900 Sq Ft space that includes both the living room, kitchen and dining room. The space is a little echoy - Hardwood floors and 12ft ceilings with smooth cabinetry and an integrated fireplace with a stone wall from floor to ceiling. I have a very large rug, photos on the walls and a huge tapestry hanging behind where the speakers would be. 

I'm completely sold on the Naim Uniti Star, but currently a bit torn between the Spendor A4 and the PMC Twenty5 23. I've demoed both speakers driven by the Naim, and found both to be fantastic - Far and away my favorites from all the other speakers I've heard. 

I have no idea how of if my impressions of both speakers will translate into my listening environment, but the PMC has the slight edge based on what I've heard. To me, the PMC had a slightly broader range of ability across genres (I listen to basically everything except hard rock), slightly better detail, and bass that is ever so slightly better controlled. It is also stunning to look at. 

The Spendor on the other hand was probably easier to listen to, somewhat warmer, and perhaps has a more playful character. 

I'm fairly cost sensitive and have set a maximum budget of $10,000. The Spendor is $3500, and the PMC is $5500. I do not believe the PMC is worth an extra $2,000, but I have the opportunity to acquire a pair for $4200 (which is a difference I'd be willing to pay). 

What are your recommendations on system design? Also, I've managed to find a decent deal on the PMC speakers, but dont know if negotiating any sort of a deal on the Naim would be possible. Does anyone have experience negotiating dealers on this stuff? One local dealer already told me they wont budge on price. 

Some dealers will negotiate, others will only give price breaks when one is spending large sums. Some will only offer discounts to repeat customers. I’ve found that most are willing to offer 10% with no hassle.

I’m a big Spendor fan and I’ve heard a lot of praise for PMC. However, your room is large so you might have difficulty getting room filling sound from speakers of that size. The bass may be weak without a sub.

If going the Spendor route, you might be better off locating a used pair of D7s. They will have greater ability to pressurize your room, but should sound similar to the A series. Spendors go through a rather lengthy break-in, and continue to improve for the first few hundred hours. I’ve had my SP2/3R2s for almost a year and it seems they only recently settled into their final sound (which is wonderful).

One of the biggest factors in sound quality is speaker placement. I’ve seen numerous pics of systems where one has $10K+ speakers in highly compromised positions, i.e. too far apart, too near to walls, a flat screen TV flush with the speaker baffles, excessive toe-in. Keep in mind that best speaker performance usually requires ample breathing room. Those who place speakers 12" from the walls, directly on either side of a 60" flat screen won’t get the best from them, not even close.

When you listen at a dealer, try to place the speakers similarly to how you would in your room. For example, if your room necessitates a maximum wall distance of only 24," try to replicate this at the store. Any dealer who isn’t willing to facilitate such a demo isn’t worth the time IMO.

I find that spending the bulk of a budget on speakers usually yields the best results. I wouldn’t shell out even $500 on cables. That money is better spent on speakers, sources, and amplification. You can get good quality cables at Blue Jeans Cables and they’ll perform just as well as any others.
I’ve never owned a Spendor that I didn’t like. Have you given the A5r a listen? They list for about $3200. BTW, I can’t give you an opinion on PMC, I’ve never heard of that company!
PMC make transmision line monitors for more bass, but also one tone bass.
My preference would be for the most expensive Harbeth you can afford, with powerful but much cheaper electronics than Naim.
There's a pair of D7s for auction here:


These will give you the most bass output for your large room. Also reported to be one of the best speakers Spendor has made. 
I’m looking into the Uniti series too.  I have a dream to pair it with some Proac’s.  The most magical system I’ve ever heard was Naim and proac.  But I digress...

 I have not heard either speaker but wanted to ask a few clarifying questions in the aim of being helpful.
How long do you plan to live in that space?  It’s very smart to look for speakers that work WITH your home, but if you’re only there for a small amount of time then it needn’t weigh too heavily in your decision.  
Have you looked into speaker sensitivity of those two? And what volume do you like to listen? Lower sensitivity may need more juice to get the same volume.  70 wpc is adequate for most speakers but it’s not a lot.  
Lastly, your description of the pmc sounded very intelligent and analytical ( not in a bad way)while your description of the splendor sounded like more like a friend. I would go with the friend.  Perhaps you’re trying to convince yourself that the pmc’s are better because you want to justify the price?  Not judging you negatively here just trying to help you get to the right choice for you.