Putting the Mono Cart Before the Horse

Going to venture into mono on the cheap. Acquired an extra slider tray for my modding (in process) Garrard Zero-100. Looking to mount a Grado Prestige ME+ cart ($130) after thinking long and hard about the Denon DL-102. Even though the Denon is a high output MC, I think my internal Prima Luna phono stage warms to ironworkers. Then there was the previous A’gon thread re stylus size, but I think I’ll go with Grado’s full mm and make sure this cart is stashed away when not playing mono.

My question for any of you mono players out there is: What has been your experience with fidelity on mono vinyl? Do you find certain labels generally sounding better than others? Do these labels translate into mono versions the “big three” (at least, my pick) of the 60s & 70s – Mercury, RCA and Decca (aka London)? And lastly, were there seminal or breakthrough years in mono recording, prior to which the law of diminishing sound return kicks in? My taste in music is pretty free range though I tend to gravitate to Jazz, Classical and Latin. Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated for my vinyl hunts.