Putting on the finishing touches

Im getting close to the final touches to my Home Theater transformation...I have purchased he following components...Aerial 7b's for the fronts Aerial ccb for the center....Aerial sr-3's for the rears....Paradigm reference
servo 15 sub.....Classe CA300 to run the fronts and a Parasound 2203A (3 channel 220 per channel) to run the center and the rears..The processor I chose is the Aragon Soundstage.....I now need help with a few things....Cables are now the focus.....I like buying used....(better value)Power cords for amps....Power conditioners....Nice dvd....and great cd system all for a mid size to smaller size pocket book.......Thanks in advance for you help
Tmoore-if its in your budget look into the Sony DVP-s9000es DVD/CD/SACD player a great value and can be had for around $900 new now!(to think I paid $1300 8 months ago and thought it was a good deal). It has true 3:2 pull down(progressive scan) a great transport(for the money), and decent redbook cd playback not to mention SACD to play with!

I would look into the large Panamax power conditioner(the one that is bigger then the MAX 1500+), they don't do much to clean up the sound, but make it easy to fire up a system with a lot of components. I am not a fan of wasting a lot on power conditioners, I don't think many of them(if any) improve sound just change it. But keeping an open mind you would need something big like a shunyata Hydra, PS Audio Powerplant 600 or 1200 to power your system, which wouldn't be cost effective.

Good luck with your quest,

Ray's silver interconnects are some of the best sounding cables for any money ... but, at his prices, they are a tremendous buy! And, he is using pure six 9's silver! Great detail, focus and transparency ... but also very smooth and warm in the mid range.
Ray is a one man operation who is making an outstanding product at a very reasonable price. If your ego does not demand that NBS or MIT be stamped on the cable, you should check his cables out. They certainly sound great in my audio and video system.
His email address is:
I am not famaliar with Ray's cables(though I have seen them for sale lately-here) I would be VERY hesitant about putting any silver in a HT, everyone claims there silver are the only cables that don't sound like silver, I have yet to experience that! They always sound like silver and on a dialogue heavy movie it will seem very BRIGHT, in particular because it is being mixed with solid state amps. I would go for JPS or inexpensive kimber. For speaker cable I would definatly buy a spool of kimber the best dollar to performance ratio in super long runs-there may be other brands of reasonibly priced cable that sell it in the spool form, thus equating to a good(ok well at least a better:) value.