Putting it to bed

I've read a few articles how Phil Collins of Genesis was having a hard time physically and with his ex wife. After seeing him here, it's a reminder you just can't cheat time, especially when medical issues get ahold of you. Looks like his son picked up his chops, though.

The physical part of aging SUCKS and no fun.
If he really wants to put in to bed and go out on a high, get Peter Gabriel on board. 
Hands down his absolute best work was Phil the Schiil on MIami Vice..
@testpilot ,
"If he really wants to put in to bed and go out on a high, get Peter Gabriel on board."

Or even better, let Gabriel ’put it to bed’ whilst giving himself some time to contemplate his 3 failed marriages and the wisdom of tying the knot with a karate black belt 21 years his junior.

Money for nothing indeed.

It must have been frustrating enough for Elvis when Priscilla left for her martial arts coach Mike Stone...
And then we have David Crosby, whose lyrics and comments in interviews seem to say "I won't be here forever," yet who has released four impressive albums since 2014--an explosion of creativity that comes from working with the son he gave up for adoption many years ago, James Raymond, who writes, contributes brilliant keyboard and synthesizer work, and co-produces.
Phil Collins' anger at his ex-wife has been a theme across about a half dozen albums and after awhile it gets tiresome.  Also, his work exemplifies the loudness wars and degradation of dynamic range:
Face Value DR14 (1981; 2010 Audio Fidelity CD)
Hello, I Must Be Going! DR11 (1983; 2011 Audio Fidelity CD)
No Jacket Required DR14 (1985; 2011 Audio Fidelity CD)
But Seriously DR14 (1989; 2012 Audio Fidelity CD)
Both Sides DR11 (1993 Atlantic CD)
Dance Into the Light DR10 (1996 Atlantic CD)
A Hot Night in Paris DR10 (1999 Atlantic CD)
Testify DR5 (DR4 to DR6, five of 12 tracks clip) (2002 Atlantic CD)

Like they always say “no one dies a virgin as we all get fu#*#d in the end”! Old age is the most cruel stage of life God throws at us. Don’t understand it and probably never will.