Putting a preamp on a integrated?

OK, I'm still new at this but I heard you could put a preamp on an integrated amp. I own the Mcintosh MA6900. OK, First, is this true? And second, What would be the advantage of doing this? Thanks to all of you.
Do you mean physically on the unit or using only the amp section in the 6900? Physically on the unit is not a good idea because the preamp will impede convection cooling for the amp. Using only the amp section of the 6900 (which it indeed can do) is fine if the preamp you are adding is better than the built-in one - which would be surprising. I would advise against using a different preamp stage because IME, all my McIntoshes sound(ed) better with McIntosh preamps. Anyway, don't know if your question is answered but this is my attempt! take care -Arthur
Thanks Arthur. I didn't mean physically on the unit but adding a preamp to an integrated. Just wondering if you can do this. (I have no intention of doing this)Just wondering why people do this to integrated amps? Or what would be the advantage in doing this. Your answer was very helpful. Thanks!
You might do this if you have a superior preamp or are gradually upgrading from the integrated to separates. As long as you have access to the connections between the preamp and power amp portions of the integrated, you can add a preamp or add a power amp.
Does your integrated amplifier have connections for signal direct to the amplifiers that are totally isolated and independant of the pre-amp section? if so, then it probably wont hurt to do so.

However, if you plan on plugging a source to a pre-amp, the pre-amp to the AUX input on the integrated, and leaving the integrated on the AUX source, then you are running your source through 2 pre-amps which while probably wont suddenly make your system suck, it would add an extra pre-amp and it certainly wont HELP your system.
I think it WOULD cause some unwanted effects, small if noticable.
I cannot think of any ADVANTAGES unless the new pre-amp you are connecting has treble and bass controls or another element that your integrated does not currently have which you find desireable.

that seems like an extra step that really is not needed.

uhm, if you plan on moving to seperates and can only do one part at a time, and your integratted has pre-outs, then why not buy a new amplifier first? that way you wont be feeding the signal through 2 pre-amps (assuming there is not direct bypass to the pre section)

Is this part of a future upgrade path?
I do not plan on doing this at all. But I heard some people do do this and was wondering if there are any advantages to this. I am VERY happy with my Mcintosh MA6900. Just thought I'd ask. I'm still very new to this. Just trying to learn. Thanks to all of you. I really appreciate your kindness!
The MA6900 has pre-outs AND amp-in so that the preamp and amp can both be independant. This is a rare feature in integrateds (pre-out is somewhat common but amp-in is definately rare) but allows lots of flexibility if it is ever desired. Some people may want to use an HT processor/preamp as the preamp stage and use the 6900 to power the front speakers, etc. Glad you love your 6900 - it is a very fine sounding piece and I would like to have one too! Take care - Arthur
Thank you Arthur! I didn't know that you could connect a processor/preamp for HT. That's why I ask these questions. You learn as you go. Thanks again for all of your help!