Putting 2 speakers on 1 channel, issues?


Considering an outdoor system running 2 speakers on each channel. What problems will it cause the amplifier (Rotel 75wpc)? Speakers specs:
Sensitivity 92 dB
Impedence 6 Ohms


Paralleling the two speakers will, I believe, half the impedence, so the amp will be seeing 3 ohms nominal and dips could bring it much lower. Look at the impedence curves, but this might put a real strain on the amp.

Thanks for the input. Fortunately, the speakers will not be driven hard at all(close neighbors). They will be just for background noise while outside.


It will be a 3ohm load which is fine if played at low volume. But keep in mind it takes more volume for outdoor speakers due to the lack of boundaries. A speaker selector would let you turn off the speakers not being used and protect the amp.
What about running the speakers in series, for a nominal 12 ohm load that could be kinder to the amp?