Put that in your pipe(s) and smoke it

I'll say it again: let's seek out the gem's and leave the rest, folks. Ignore the trolls, or be selective of the actual content they bring up - should you choose to reply; it may even hold an unexpected, worthwhile observation or two on a subject that could put into perspective our endeavors here.

More importantly, if we want this forum to allow for free speech and a degree of resilience, some around here should reconsider their liberal urge to hit the 'report' button, because that's the thing that truly annoys me and what I'd call the real trolls around here: the one's feeling offended on grounds I imagine to be so relative to their own agenda, indeed petty in nature, that their reporting a post or thread is likely to see no further inquiry by the admins and is therefore, simply by virtue of being a report alone, put into effect as an actual deletion.

We should be able to hold a conversation without someone feeling taken aback over what is, in the bigger scheme of things, insignificant issues. If not it's an ongoing, sad tendency to shut the mouths of those we don't agree with, or for some other flimsy reason don't like. 
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@erik_squires ,
You beat me to it. He doth protest too much. 
Classic projection and a great summation of him.

All the best,
Thanks Erik for injecting politics where it is not welcomed. You got any religion comments?
I already voted so you're yucking up the wrong tree. Har har.
Quit whining this forum isn't the public square and you're not Patrick Henry. 
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Remember - Whining isn’t winning

Even in sports no one likes a whiner.  The worst ones I can think of are John McEnroe and Tom Brady.  Great players but whining just tarnished a bit of the shine sadly.
Hmmm! Think I’ll take the high road. I think..

There is no left and or right... only the top 1/10 of one (1) percent and all the rest. That’s you and me.. 99.9 %. It’s the top and bottom, not the left and right. Neither the left or the right can count... So what is the difference.. Still spending what neither side... "doesn’t have".. That’s all it boils down to... So funny.. Pay the bills of the people...Haven’t done that for 60 + years, now.. Put the whole bunch in JAIL. If I paid my bills the way most countries pay their bills.. I'd stay in a penitentiary. Evey one else calls it "deficit spending".
I call it stealing..  Plane and simple..

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....how's about a nice, Safe subject...

...like IC's?  Or cable elevators....?

*tongue in cheek sticks out my ear*
@nonoise --

You beat me to it. He doth protest too much.
Classic projection and a great summation of him.

Protest wasn’t my aim but rather concern with free speech, tackling a "troll" and maintaining that even he can occasionally hit on what’s, in essence, a worthwhile topic (something about avoiding throwing out the baby with the bathwater).

My use of the term ’liberal’ wasn’t meant to be politically infused, but to suggest people - in some instances - use the ’report’ button too frequently:


If you or others insist on the political connotation, well, there’s a case of classic projection..
@b_limo --

... u ever try talking to Kenjit?

No, I imagined early on an empty food bowl would be the best to leave here, but seems to me he’s been well fed. That’s not saying there can’t be something of worth in his writings, as I pointed out earlier.

Look, this is not about named poster or a defense of him/her. It’s about subjects that can be relevant to these boards, and that finding them can come from places one wouldn’t expect. Plus all the rest I’ve already drawn out.
I speak myself too much....

« Intelligence grow with silence»- Groucho Marx

« It is the reverse brother!»- Harpo Marx

« OK, It is better to stay mute»- Anonymus
Good job giving the person being criticized even more publicity and a shot of credibility to boot despite him earning none really . Perhaps more people should emulate him? It appears to work.

Well done!
OP, agree about not reporting too frequently. Tolerance leaves the door open to creativity and letting people come back and clarify what they might have said badly the first time.

The norm I see you protecting is as follows: posts should stay on topic or explain the relevance of their tangent, unless things just drift away. E.g. a post on speaker connectors might drift toward types of wire, ways to hear differences, etc. When a comment harps on a topic (beats a dead horse) or injects inflammatory and irrelevant topics or vitriol, well, that seems to defy the purpose we're all here. It has nothing to do with "freedom of speech." It has to do with keeping the game fun and interesting.

Well behaved people here deserve equal time having their rights defended as well.

The sticky wheel gets the grease.
@mapman --

Good job giving the person being criticized even more publicity. Well done!

Well, you just contributed to that, didn't you?

Again, my intend is the subject. Should I receive the heat for a history of trolling kept alive by willing feeders? 
I’d say you get your fair share. I endeavor to keep mine minimal. Zero share for me would be desired..

Gotta be more constructive topics than the value added by trolls to discuss I would hope.

At the same time I maintain my position I’ve stated many times prior....I am anti-censorship and it can be a very fine line sometime between what is acceptable or not.

On the other hand, nobody should be expected to tolerate bad behavior....neither here nor anywhere else. SO it’s not the case that anything goes. That’s why forums provide tools for users to use to help keep things in line when needed.

Frequent would have been the better choice of words but hey good in ya to inform us of your intentions 
@tomic601 --

Frequent would have been the better choice of words but hey good in ya to inform us of your intentions

Yeah, in retrospect not the best choice of word..
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Freedom of expressing ones opinions/ideas is losing ground The future will be all about censorship and being 100% politically correct.

I say its a good thing to expose the labs which can not produce high quality components. At a  reasoable price and those that can not offer a  full service 5 year warranty, with FREE shipping both ways. 
Here come the mods ready to shut this topic. 
I can hear their foot steps now. 
If you or others insist on the political connotation, well, there’s a case of classic projection.
No, it was not the "political' connotation. 
Denotation of the word, liberal, is by far, most commonly used in the political way.

To wake up and see my post removed for something so petty, and wrong, was off-putting.

All the best,

“People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.” - Søren Kierkegaard

Voltaire said, “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”      (Semper Fi)
@mozartfan You're hearing footsteps? Are you sure they're not hoofbeats? 

@andysf  Loves me a good Søren quote! Here's one that perhaps relates to this thread's theme: 
"It belongs to the imperfection of everything human that man can only attain his desire by passing through its opposite." (1841)

« Freedom can vanish from our own tought process without even signaling his departure, and freedom can disapear from public speech without even be remembered; but freedom in the heart cannot be erased without your consent, his name is love... » Anonymus
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“ they do not see the road to freedom.... that you build with flesh and bone “ Wallflower - Peter Gabriel

Wasn't there song........something about 'Escape' and, "If you like Subpoena Coladas and getting caught in Ukraine.......?         HEY; it's supposed to be about music, RIGHT?
@ml8764ag If this thread is so worthless, why take any time to read it or comment upon it? If talking about trolling...is pretty much...trolling, then talking about talking about trolling is...more trolling.
First, I've been an active member on many forums (music, single malt, bbq, woodworking, and a few that need not be mentioned) and this forum is second only to the Phish forum for rudeness, arrogance, and self-centeredness. I love this place, and most folks are intelligent and helpful, but it's still far too often a hostile place. I'm all for the mods eliminating the rudeness. Respect is not something consistently practiced here.

Second, I'd say some people need a lesson on "freedom of speech." For one thing, we've never had more "freedom of speech" in this country; the internet gives a platform to every kook and lunatic out there. See: the abundance of conspiracy theories that are dangerous and nuts. More importantly, freedom of speech is not and has never been absolute. Not only are there many types of speech that are not tolerated (most famously yelling fire in a crowded building) but communities are free to make their own standards, as long as they don't trespass on constitutionally protected speech. A classroom, a concert hall, a living room, a town park, an internet forum--communities have every right to insist on manners and respectful conduct. No one's speech if being abridged out here; the moderators are merely asking for civility and decorum in discussing ... stereo equipment. And that has nothing to do with freedom of speech.
^...and who decides based upon what?
The line is constantly moving, making for a slippery slope for the past going forward.
phusis...I'm glad you clarified your use of the term "liberal", but it did come across as political. I've never used the report button, and I do believe in free speech. But I also believe in civility and being respectful of others. I am often disappointed by posters who use the anonymity afforded by the use of user names to make personal attacks against others. Just because you can be nasty and call people names without legal repercussions doesn't mean it's OK.
What some people call political correctness is to others simply showing compassion and understanding for their fellow humans. Why do some people feel their rights are being trampled because it's no longer acceptable to call people of color and people with physical disabilities the nicknames that have been used in the past? What's wrong with referring to or addressing them in the way they prefer? Political correctness is simply being a decent person.
There’s nothing wrong with expecting people to be decent to each other. But it’s another thing to invite the thought police.
Again, I have never reported anyone and have no intention of ever doing so. But as another poster has pointed out, freedom of speech is not absolute. While nobody on these forums is shouting fire in a crowded theater, there are a lot of personal attacks and name calling. I've been called a Marxist among other things. I just find it silly, but what should be the response to personal attacks? Let it go? Delete the posts of those not playing by the rules? There are rules, right? And if there are, by posting on these forums haven't we agreed to abide by the rules? I believe some posts should be deleted, but that means you're letting a person decide, who might have an agenda of their own, and delete only the posts that don't conform to their personal politics. To keep this from turning into a book I'll just say we should all try to show respect, and call out the posters who have shown they can't play nice with their fellow posters.
Nothing in this forum has anything to do with your first amendment right of speech which only applies to government action. If you're not being tossed in jail or fined by the state for your audiogon posts then relax. You can even yell fire in a crowded theater , if it's on fire.  This is a private forum open to members and the moderators can police it how they see fit. If you don't like it you do have the constitutional right to leave. The biggest problem isn't thought police or slippery slopes but people who haven't the foggiest idea what the constitution guarantees in relation to enumerated rights. 
All through it, if you look. Any mention of "free speech, freedom of speech " and the like is mention of the constitution. Like I said haven't the foggiest idea...