Pushed out by a 0.2 MC cart ?

Dear all after changing the speakers it seems I can now see the other components limitations in my system. Specifically due to the lower speaker sensibility I have to increase the pre volume increasing substantially the background hum of the MC cart. Before it was not relevent while now it0s bit too much. This is my system now:
Denon D 103 + Sme 309 + Coph Nia phono stage + Goldmund pre/power amp + Burmester 995 (previously a 2dB higher sensivity speaker)

On top of this, as an additional information, the TT has lost some magic and it has still retained it with audiophile quality vinyl only,more silent and dynamic.
But with majority of lp's the sound has been outclassed by the CD player (a CEC)
Would you upgrade the cart to a higher output cart ?
Would you play with the impedance matching ?
Would you upgrade the whole TT ?

Tks so much for helping me
Get a step-up transformer and put it before the phono section. It will increase your gain before the phono section, and allow you to select less gain in your phono section. This will improve the sound that you lost, and lower the noise, by having less active gain. I guess you didn't see my other post to your last thread on this question.

About upgrading the TT, since we don't know what it is, and you haven't told us, we really can't say.

If you don't want to get a step up transformer for some reason, and want to change your cartridge, then get a Shelter 501 for $800. It has twice the output of the Denon, and sounds better too, but in a similar voice.
This is the system :
Denon D 103 + Sme 309 + P Triangle Export + Coph Nia phono stage + Goldmund pre/power amp + Burmester 995

I think the Pink Triangle is a pretty good table. The SME 309 is a pretty good arm, and the DL103 is a nice cartridge. I think you can get real good sound from them. All you need to do is to get a step up transformer, and you're good to go. That is what I used on my DL103 and I still use it with my Shelter 501. I have practically no noise, and plenty of gain.
I second/third the responses so far. Get a step-up transformer.

It made a world of difference for me. I had a DL103 going thru an ARC PH3, which didn't have enough gain. The sound was unimpressive until I bought a step-up transformer. (I got a Denon AU-340, which is a perfect match for the DL103).
Without pulling aleg ?
Tks I am in budget constraint these days
I meant if you could list few more step-up choices
Ad there used to be passive step-ups available -- I have a pair from Sony, they're simple rca jacks. At least, you'll know that it's the transformer you need -- NOT a new set-up. BTW, I fourth the recommendations above.
Also BTW, I used to have a PT Too / Alphason 100. Pretty good combo!