Pushed in pin help needed on Grado Gold Cartridge.

I used a little too much force connecting one of the headshell wire clips onto one of the Grado Gold cartridges pins. Unfortunately, the cartridge pin was pushed about four fifth's into the body of the cartridge. I just managed to get the pliers around the protruding pin, and when I pulled, the entire pin came out of the cartridge! I then pushed the wire clasp from the headshell onto one end of the pin, before I gently pushed the pin halfway back into the hole in the cartridge. Do you think I should even attempt to play a record with the grado now? Is there irrevocable damage done when a pin is pulled out and then inserted back in the cartidge body hole?

Please advise. Thanks very, very much in advance.

It has been my experience over the years that you have bit the bullet. The cartridge has tiny coil wire connected to the pin. It has oviously been broken. I doubt if the cartridge channel of this pin will output anything.
Nothing it will hurt and nothing to lose trying it but I seriously doubt it will work.
Dear Charlie: Bigtee is right, the coil wire was now un-soldered to the cartridge pin and you have to send to Grado people for they fix it and works again.

Regards and enjoy the music.