push pull or single ended

First post here and appreciate any replies.  While not new to high end audio, I've never had a tube amp.  Looking to purchase a new amp for my mid/tweeter cabinets in a bi-amped system.  Thinking about a tube amp as I've never had one and have read a lot about them, mostly all positive.  Never having heard a tube amp, I'm wondering if I'd be able to hear a difference between the push-pull type and the single ended type.  Not a huge budget as I'm on a fixed budget.  (63yrs. old and on disability for 20+yrs.)  Appears I could get more watts per dollar with a push-pull amp but don't need a whole lot of watts as this is for the top end of my system.  Also like to get a new SS amp for my bottom end but that's another subject.  Would I be able to hear a difference between the two types of amps?  Thanks for the input.  BTW, not really anywhere I can audition the two types.
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Nelson Pass First Watt F2 class A SS amps are also a good choice.
Nice idea, I agree, go Push Pull.

Your efficient speakers means you can easily stay in the 25-30-35 wpc power range. That gives you lots of options, lots of competition there.

new, used, vintage.

Having return options is a great means to success.

As mentioned: less power = less weight; less heat; more placement options.


some things to be aware of while searching:

a. Some new tube amps, like my Cayin offer two modes of operation: i.e. 22 wpc in Triode Mode or 45 wpc in ultra-linear mode. Not needed, just mentioning it. I and all my friends prefer the more common ultra-linear mode. It’s not really the additional power (especially with efficient speakers), the sound is different, some like Triode for certain types of music and Ultra-Linear for other music.

b. You will discover ’tube rolling’. i.e. my amp can use either 6550 power tubes or KT88 tubes. It came with 6550’s, very nice. After a while, I tried KT88’s. I prefer the KT88’s. The bias for KT88’s is different that for 6550’s, that is a good reason to have easy external bias control.

c. Many tube amps offer easy external Bias control, with external adjusters and meters, I wish my amp had that.

An OTL amp was mentioned. After decades as a die hard SET guy, I am now a dedicated Atma-Sphere guy. The Atmas give the detail of a fine SS amp with the musicality of a great SET. The entry level S-30 would be the amp for you. All Atma amps are equally good. The only difference is power and price. Atma’s Ralph Karsten uses a S-30 in his system.
+1 for the S-30. Super reliable and easy to use. M60s would offer more flexibility if you ever changed speakers, but at a higher price. Sonic character is similar if you happen upon M60 reviews, and are wondering if those comments would apply. 
I  agree that SET would be more of a transition, IMHO OTL gives you the best of both if paired with compatible speakers. Cheers,
@injr  Are you using an electronic crossover? If not the efficiency of your speakers will be a problem with most SETs.