Puritan Ultimate Power Cable

I’m considering replacing my power cables over the year.

Does anyone have experience of the Puritan range?

To power an integrated amp, LPS for network switch, Dac, DDC, power block, streamer, Intel Nuc.


@jerrybj I tried the Ultimate on my PSM156 and didn’t care for it. Actually preferred the Classic with upgraded Furutech connectors. With the Ultimate it all tilted towards thinner, more analytical presentation. I run DAC and preamp from the PSM156. 
You can check my system page for associated equipment. 
Keep in mind that this is all very system dependent. What works in one system may not work in another. Best is to try. 

For $700 you get only 12 awg.  they claim that is good for 41 amps, which it probably is.  but all the electrical codes say less, usually 20 amps.  So a bit of marketing hype, turns me off.  

Are you really looking at buying 7 of them?  I wouldn't use it on my amp but 12 awg is good for all your other needs.


What is your system? It would be really helpful in assessing the situation. There is a place under your UserID to put some photos and ID your components.




I went from the "Classic" to the "Ultimate" on my PSM 1512 and noticed more bass and perhaps a smoother overall presentation. This comports with at least one other person who moved to the Ultimate. I am sticking with mine.

I'm looking to get a Puritan PSM156 this year. And like the flexibility of the Puritan cables.

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Did you get to the point of “Creating a Virtual System”? This is where you put in your photos and ID your components. It is simple if you can get there.


Would I buy seven? Probably not.

But have planned things out to the end of the year. Have to pay for the Sound Anchors speaker stands I’ve bought.

Then buy four of the Puritan Ultimate power cords, a Puritan PSM156, some Black Ravioli Pads and Big Pads, and perhaps some Stack Audio Auva.

A second 156 is on the way with three more ultimate cables. I found my PC solution. Absolutely fantastic in my chain. 

I’ll be interested to get your take. I have definitely found the other two levels below to be very smooth, not seeming to take anything away from the music.