Puritan PSM 156

Hello I just purchased a used Puritan PSM 156, and it's an amazing product I highly recommend! My first question for you already experienced owners,  does it normally come with a factory  manual ??? ... also the Puritan, has a special ground connection? is there some kind of extra device that attaches there? please explain if you can. and last would you plug you power amp into the Puritan?? hope someone can help me out, and thanks for your precious time  Aoltes 


Yes there is a separate grounding device available.

Goes between PSM156 and copper grounding rod.

I plan on buying one this Spring. Not pricey. Getting a copper rod into the ground in Minnesota right now would be a challenge.😊


@aotles -

I personally run a Datasat RA-2400 (2 x 400watt at 8 Ohms) through it, with a HDPlex 300watt linear power supply(for the server), my DAC, and a few low watt devices. No doubt you're aware there's individual filtering on each outlet, so nothing introduces noise back into anything else.

I have not got switching power supplies, so I cannot tell you if they would introduce any noise, but were I a betting man, I'd guess not.
It doesn't skip a beat, there's no loss of dynamics that I can hear. The noise floor is extremely quiet, and I'm not even using the groundmaster at the moment.

All the sockets on the back are the same (i.e. none of them is designed/designated for particular types of equipment), so it's basically plug and play.

There are two models of grounding unit, one for apartments and one for homes with access to the ground outside.


Just got my PSM136 and no owners manual, just a plastic bag of ground master ads, testimonials and what not.

There is a 5 year guarantee certificate enclosed,  you write in the purchase date and dealer details, the serial number already filled in.

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My bottom is awesome, good clean bass! I never knew existed it's like rediscovering my music, and I am not just saying that to justify my purchase. Thanks for all your valuable responses      Aoltes

Installed the 156 and removed the SR PC SX. 💩 🔥 ⛄️ 🔥


installed the SR PC back in ASAP.

For the asking price of the SR PC SX I would certainly hope it performed better.


As far as power cables for the PSM156 goes I’m using the stock supplied cable but with Furutech NCF connectors which sounds fine. If I ever splurge I’d like to try the Hijiri Nagomi, but that’s a good chunk of change. Maybe Zavfino will be a future destination.