Purist speaker cables re-termination?

I just purchased a pair of PAD Museaus biwire speaker cables from the local PAD rep in Argentina. I did order the amp spades especially for McIntosh MC275 Mk.IV that has the very small terminal strip. Turns out the cables I received have a 6.25" spade, but those are too big and can't use them on my amp.

The local dealer is arranging for PAD to send the right spades, and he will re-terminate with them + Furutech silver solder + a good Weller iron, and he claims it will be as good as terminated at the PAD factory. Should I believe him / go for it?

The safest route would be to wait and receive an original set of SC terminated at the factory, but this would entail a long lead time as shipments are sparse. If sound quality is to be degarded, I'm willing to wait - after all I spent $1k on a set of wires!

Looking forward to your opinions.
PAD puts all kinds of weird stuff in their cables besides wire. Water, mud, lights and god knows what else. I would wait for a factory pair. If your local dealer makes a mistake and all kinds of stuff comes out of it, can they put back in? Maybe they don't even tell you it came out. Or worse, maybe they mess one cable up and not the other.
I would wait for a factory terminated set. Once you give the go ahead to the dealer it's on you also the "modified" cable would loose value if/when you decide to move them along. I wouldn't purchase them at anywhere near a stock pair's price new or used !!!!! AND who knows how good the dealer's work will be, you'll always be sitting, listening and asking yourself, are these as good as stock!!!!!!
The local dealer is not in the position of doing this. Only rely on a factory direct retermination.
All the above. Jim did a reterm for me years ago. Quck turn around and very inexpensive, viz msp on cables.
Thank you all for the input, which is in line with where I was coming from - hence the thread. I wanted to make sure I wasn't being a prick to the dealer without justification.