Purist elementa advance anyone heard ?

Has anyone heard these cables? I have the aqueous IC for my source and its great. I dont wanna break the bank on speaker cables however. I was told Venustas speaker cables are great with aqueous IC but they are expensive. FYI I tried musaeus but they were too mushy sounding.
Yes, I purchased EA speaker cables from Albert Porter and swapped them in for my Signal Cable Ultra's and WOW - they are very nice cables. I am using Venustas IC's. What I heard (and two audiophile friends also heard) was a warm yet detailed sounding cable. Perhaps a bit rolled off on the top (Albert told me it would have a bit less extension than the Venustas), but good bass and the midrange was just so right, both in terms of tonality and resolution. I heard lots going on there - lots of detail without being forward or aggressive. I was very happy with those cables driving my Maggie 20.1's.
Yes. These were my fav's after hearing museaus, red dawn, jps suppercond+ and a few synergistic research in same price range. System is JRDG Capri, NuForce, B&W 805s.
There are a couple sets on usedcable.com at the moment i think.