Purist Dominus Ferox vs. Liquid

I can't seem to find any old threads that ask this question although I'm sure it's been asked. What differences do you hear between these two versions?
Twopippis, you know how to ask the tough questions :^).

Both versions are excellent, I have each type in my system right now. The fluid versions are more liquid (not a pun) in the midrange and have a slightly softer overall presentation.

The Ferox version is more dynamic and comes from a blacker background with slightly better frequency extremes on both ends. Like all descriptions in audio, my comments are magnified to describe the relatively small differences in these two excellent cables.

You would not be disappointed in either, used or new. Hope you find one that makes you happy.
I have been trying to find this out also. It seems to me that the fluid should improve the midrange and the Ferox should improve the dynamics.
I have bought a Dominus Ferox power cord that is great!
I have been considering Dominus Ferox interconnects and maybe another Ferox power cord.
Can too much of one kind tilt the sound one way?
Can too much of one kind tilt the sound one way?
Ozzy (Reviews | Threads | Answers)
In my experience, and in the experience of a couple of friends, both of whom use Purist wire, the answer is yes.

We have found a combination of Dominus Fluid and Ferrox power cords works better than using 100% Ferrox. I've relegated the Ferrox to power conditioners and amplifiers in my system, where its benefit is stunning.
How about if I use a Ferox Power Cord and a fluid interconnect. Is that better than 2 ferox cords? (power cord, interconnect)
How about if I use a Ferox Power Cord and a fluid interconnect. Is that better than 2 ferox cords? (power cord, interconnect)
Ozzy (Reviews | Threads | Answers)
I have never used Dominus interconnects, so I can't offer any insight here. Sorry.

I use a pair of Aqueous Anniversary ICs from CD player to preamp, and Venustas ICs from preamp to amp. I found using two pairs of Aqueous was too detailed and over the top, and using two pais of Venustas was too warm and lacked enough resolution.

Your mileage may...and likely will vary.
I've been slowly changing my system to all Purist for the last year. I have been using a combination of Anniversary Interconnects, Dominus Ferrox power cords & bi-wire speaker cables. I also have tried & are still using some Aqueous PC's & Venustas ICs. To say the least the results have been stunning, the best my system has ever sounded. I've tried many diff. brands of Ics & PCs through the last 6 years.
Purist has been the best PERIOD.

To answer the previos question, Yes it's fine to mix & match to get the most from your system, you must be willing to take the time & experiment. I agree with the previous post that the differences between the fluid & ferrox are exactly as they described.

Good luck with you search
The Fluid Is more warmer sounding and if your system is very transparent or your using Horns the Fluid are best. If your system is not as transparent the ferox is best. Either way Purist Audio is one of the best speaker cable manufacture in the world. This is of course my personal opinion over the last 15 years of hearing different cables.
Not so simple. Some end up with combination of Ferox and fluid cables. I use much lower in line Colossus, Ferox interconnects but fluid speaker cables. My system is not really high resolution. Fluid cables have something that is lost when you switch to Ferox.
Some cables in the newest Purist line have Contego, some sort of Ferox and fluid combination. I haven't heard them.
One day I would like to compare Purist to Echole, they say they are world class too.