Purist Dominus Ferox

Anyone heard the Dominus ferox? I seen lots a threads on the fluid dominus but nothing on the ferox version. would it be worth the extra $$ than venustas? Only ferox product I heard was musaeus. Please advise. Thanks.

FYI I am using aqueous now...its great but kinda on the neutral side.
Check the forums again as many of us have commented on the sonic differences between the Ferox and Fluid PCs.
Type "ferox" in the thread search, you will get 38 threads with comments.
I went from Venustas to Dominus Ferrox. The Venustas is a great cable and it easily replaced my previous interconnects that we're more than double the price.

Dominus Ferrox throws a larger, wider, deeper stage, more quiet/blackness yielding better presentation of detail, better extension on the extremes and a more fluid/rich midband. Also more articulate to some extent. Also, more "weight" on all the notes but not at all "heavy"

A broken in Dominus Ferrox vs a broken in Venastus is a very quick decision on the improvements. It is not subtle. The Fluid Dominus differs from the Ferrox version by a even more rich natural mid band but a little less extention in the bass and top end.

As others have commented, more is posted...

Those are my experiences in my system...Good luck