Purist Audio vs. Stealth cables

Anyone compared comparable models? Both are supposed to be the very best. I know Purist but never tried Stealth.
I have heard both companies cables, I run all Stealth through my system, and believe both are excellent reference level wires. The major difference for me is that the Purist Audio cables add a "smoothness/richness" texture to the music, while the Stealth wires add nothing at all to the sound. So, based on personnal taste and system snergy either cable could be what the person wants.
I can not dispute Teajay with his experience of both but I swear by my PAD cables and they are so vital in my Krell system that I feel it's really just mediocre with anything else, When I use the Venustas it brings the recordings to life so much that I can't stop using them and just enjoy the music. Nothing seems right to my ear or makes me want to listen more often and that's what it's all about so that is a pretty strong result to question IMO. As to your question you might not go wrong with either.
Stealth are more neutral, detailed

PAD are more fuller, warmer, blacker backgrounds

depends on your system.
I have both great cables.
Thank you all. Based on what you said I have every reason to stay with Purist. In my simple and modest system old Maximus and Colossus sound excellent and the way you described. If however I want to try expensive tube electronics in the future, I should take a look at Stealth as well.
Both cables are great and it really is going to just come down to the rest of your set-up and in the end how you like it.

I have tried allot of cables over the years, I ended up with a full Stealth set-up and don't think about cable anymore.

You really should try your self, breaking in cables is a pain in the butt.
I would buy used anyway. I understand that the quality is about the same; I keep things for a long time.
You never know if used cables are even broken-in, most are not because individuals give up, secondly sonics are not the same so best to try in your own set-up.
Dev, you are right of course.