Purist Audio Venustas vs. Nordost Quattro

Has anyone compared these cables. I am thinking of going with the PAD cables but have always liked my Nordost. Can anyone comment on the "house sound" of each company. Which would be better in a long run (say 6m or so). Any help would be wonderful.
Just asking again....... Does anyone have any thoughts on these cables???????
In my opinion, eventhough the Nordost are "fast" sounding cables, the Purist cables are much more musical and real sounding with more depth and 3-D presentation. I highly recommend you listen to the Venustas cables. Next to the Purist Dominus they are probably the best cables you can buy for the money.
Thanks for the response. I have a 6m length on order to check out from the Cable Co. I am anxious to see how they sound compared to my Nordost. Paul At the Cable Co. also recommended Tera Labs "The One".