Purist Audio : Venustas vs. Dominus?

Anyone have hands on experience with these 2 cables and are able to describe the differences?
I have listened to both but not at the same time. There was probably about a year between the sessions.

The Dominus absolutely floored me. I never thought it was possible for cable to sound that good. I have never heard anything like it. The background is as black as a starless Texas night. The air around instruments has such as sense of space that you can almost hear the air!!! Tones and timbres are as right as I have heard from a stereo system. Click on: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?rcabl&1029989953&openusid&zzNrchy&4&5#Nrchy to see my review.

I think Venustas is very good. It's better than most companies top-of-the-line cable, but not as good as Dominus. It does what Dominus does but on a smaller scale.

If I could afford Dominus I would have it. Since I cannot, it's Venustas, Proteus and Museaus for me.

I hope this helps a little. If not, try to get some info from Albert Porter if he has the time.
I agree......the Dominus are incredible but costly and I personally ''settled'' for the Venustas bi-wire speaker cable. The rest of my system is Proteus interconnects and Dominus Digital and Power cables. The Venustas Speaker Cables are still very good compared to the rest of the cables that are out there. You will NOT go wrong with the Venustas Line.....
I spoke with Jim Aud at CES about the differences between Dominus and his newer, non-liquid filled cables. He said that the newer cable has better extension at the frequency extremes with a more direct sound than the Dominus. He still clearly prefers the Dominus in his system but thought that some might prefer the sound of the newer cable.
Has anyone compared the Venustas to the kimber Select cables? I was wondering which would be the best match with my magneplanar 3.6/R´s. TIA.
I haven't used the Dominus, a bit out of my range, but I'm currently using mostly Venustas in my system and couldn't be happier. I have tried quite a few before that, and settled with the Venustas for their accuracy, clarity, details, and extension.
Yes, the venustas are excellent (I have IC and speaker cables). They made a very noticeable improvement in my system: clear, accurate, neutral, yes, but also PALPABLE.
I've listened to both extensively and the Dominus is definately in a class by itself. Compared to the Venustas it portrays a wider and deeper soundstage with an extremely higher degree of realism; instruments and voices sound so real it is almost spooky. The Venustas is great cable though; it is essentially a Dominus on a smaller scale.
From my brief conversation with Jim, Venustas cable benefits by its advanced metalergy due to use of Ferox. It is quieter, provides better rf, EMI and vibration protection. It approaches about 90% of what Dominus provides at a substantially lower price point. Quieter cable means hearing more detail. Proteus and Colossus are still great cables and beat a lot of
other cables out there but Venustas is his new wonder child.
I use a combination of Venustas and Colossus and really enjoy them over my previous high end brands.
I am interested in a Purist speaker cable now that I have been very impressed with the Colossus interconnect I picked up. Was Proteus a higher grade cable versus Colossus in the previous lineup? Proteus cables seem to be fetching a higher price on the used market, so that seems to be the case. Any comparative experience between the two?
Yes, Proteus was just under Dominus till the knew cables were developed. It is a better cable. I have both now, but the Colossus is sitting in a drawer while the Proteus is still being used. If you can get your grubby little mits on some Proteus I think you will be very happy with it.
I am desperately trying to control the top end of my Genesis 200 speakers. I use VAC amplification.
Anyone compared the JPs vs PAD?