Purist Audio System Enhancer CD

I'd like to hear from anyone with experience of the Purist Audio "System Enhancer" system-break-in CD. What is your experience with this CD; what did you think of it? Thanks.
Expensive at first glance. But after you use it for breaking in your cables, components, speakers, etc. - you find what an incredible tool it is(fast and efficient).
Very helpfull when burning in cables. I would certainly recommend it. I usually say that one can do a couple of turns with the System Enhancer + 30h of real music to
( almost )fully break in a cable. Speakers I can not tell - have not done that. On gear like cd-players and amps it does make a difference - clearly audioble. I would say that it shortens the burn-in time with days on that sort of gear.
Someone that i know was using a Purist disc to help break in some new components in their system. After i suggested it to them, they then ran an Ayre disc on repeat. After listening to the system the next day, they told me that they could hear a definite improvement in system performance. While i've never heard or used the Purist disc, this tells me that the Ayre may be more effective for this specific application. Sean
I have used the Purist Burn-in disc for years. The old disc worked very well, but requires several days to do the job. The new disc is much faster, possibly cutting the time needed in half, or less.
On principle I would never disagree with Sean, but in this case I'm not sure his experience is valid since the PAD disc was running for a certain amount of time. Switching to the Ayre disc is piggy backing on what the PAD had already done. This is not to say that the Ayre disc is not good, I know nothing about it.
The convenience of the PAD disc is more than worth the cost. I would not be without the one my brother-in-law bought!
I had the wind knocked out of me when I learned that the price of this single CD is $150! Good Lord!
Nrchy: I agree that other approaches may have laid the groundwork for what was encountered once the Ayre disc was used i.e. it may have had a compounding effect. Given that the system components in this specific case are still breaking in very noticeably, the Ayre may have simply been inserted into the system at a point where the same appr level of audible differences would have taken place had the Purist remained in use. Given that neither of us is familiar with the other ( you with the Ayre and me with the Purist ), it is simply a matter of guessing at this point. I'd be curious to see what the person's take is on the situation that has both discs now. Sean
Any one interested in the Purist Audio Design System Enhancer Revision-B , I have several that I can sell for $105 Sale price! A great tweak!!!!!
i used it to burn-in my cables and it's work great for me.
A great tweak, indeed.