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I often wonder why Purist (particularly Dominus) never rate a mention in their recommended interconnects/speaker cables when they wax absolutely lyrical about Nordost, Harmonic Tech, Synergistic, etc,(even Radio Shack get a mention)and other cables that I (and obviously others on this forum) think are blown away by Purist, especially Dominus.
Any thoughts?
Simple, advertising $$$. When was the last time you saw a full page ad for Purist? The others are all major advertisers. It's as simple as that. Look at it like politics. A politician is bound to look after the needs of his larger contributors more than someone who didn't contribute.

Recommended components are basically worthless. I don't buy because of recommended components list, but it does make selling easier.
I can tell you that one Absolute Sound reviewer uses Dominus exclusively on his own system and a ex Fi Mag guy uses only Dominus.

As for Stereophile? I don't know.

Ever see a sports star come on television and tell you how great McDonalds or KFC is?

At their income level, I suspect they frequent Mortons more often than Micky D's, but guess who pays big bucks for them to appear in those TV ads?

Please note. I am NOT saying that Nordost or other fine cable companies are not good. Only that what people put in reviews is not necessarily what they choose for their own listening.
Hi Jmcgrogan2,

You are, of course, entitled to your opinion but I must tell you that even though my company has many products listed in Stereophile's Recommended Components we have done very little advertising in the magazine. In addition, in our almost fifteen year history, Bright Star has been nominated four times for "Accessory of the Year" and has had four major product reviews and a number of sidebar mentions in Stereophile and I never, even once, had the slightest amount of pressure from anyone at Stereophile that we should either reciprocate by placing ads or that by placing and ad Bright Star would be more likely to get products reviewed or that it would influence the outcome of a review.

For the record, not one other high end magazine has tried to pressure or entice us to place ads in connection with product reviews or awards (of which we have received many from a wide range of publications) either. The only pressure I've ever received about advertising in connection with a review was done by one of the mainstream "glossy" mags (who will go nameless even though they are no longer in business). A high end magazine has never done so.

Just my unsolicited testimonial.

Best Regards,

Barry Kohan

Disclaimer: I am a manufacturer of vibration control products.
I could not agree more with the above posts. Advertising dollars, equipment loans, willingness to submit products for evaluation, etc., all enter into magazine ratings and recommendations. You won't find Transparent Cables mentioned in Recommended Components either.
It's interesting, as well, that neither Stereophile nor Absolute Sound (as far as I can recall) ever mention Transparent Cables.
There are a zillion other cable manufacturers not mentioned in Stereophile either. So what?
There could be many reasons why certain products get articles and awards and others don't. However, one thing is for certain. None of these reviewers or magazines have heard every piece of gear out there. So, therefore, you cannot place as much importance on what they say as many people would like to do. Their "ratings", "awards", and opinions do not hold any special "magic" when it comes to how a component will perform for you. It probably means that it is at least an OK product that may be worthy of an audition. They can't make any definitive statements because they have not heard everything. It is opinion only, just like the posts here on Audiogon. If you agree with their opinions, then fine. Personally, I think that many extremely good sounding products don't ever get reviewed or rated by Stereophile, even when they have penetrated well into the mainstream on their own merits, and have attracted alot of consumer attention. Why?
I am sick of Sam Tellig raving about every Musical Fidelity product.
Advertising plain and simple - the MOST effective way to market a consumer product - the MOST expensive way by far. I'm not in the advertising industry but I do know if a magazine isn't generating ads they aren't in business long - subscriptions don't do it. I know for a fact one of my partner companies advertises more than any of our competition in my industry and he gets trips, cruises, etc all compensated.
All the audio rags are lightweight tricks as compared to the biggest prostitute of all, Consumer Reports.
These "advertising" rants ring hollow!!! Sota TT's were not reviewed for years and had almost fallen off the globe as far as reviewers were concerned. Not because they didn't advertise, but because they were busy supplying gear for customers, not reviewers.

Maybe Mr Aud is content to be at the level of business his company has realized. Does he send products in for review??? Does he hound reviewers to write about his products (as some companies obviously do)???

I have never had one of my power cords reviewed. The biggest reason might be that I have never tried, although there are probably huindreds of more reasons too.

Advertising doesn't buy good reviews. People that think they do are either ignorant or foolish!
I've never heard Purist Dominus (big caveat) but I've read numerous discussions that, despite being very good, they are very dark as well as warm. None of the others mentioned (Nordost, Synergistic, Harmonic Tech) are dark. Might this count as a negative in the eyes of reviewers and mags who are looking for neutral, coloration-free cables as a reference?
You know, I ran across something else that might be of some interest. There seem to be a number of our members who contact various cable companies (smaller ones if i remember correctly) and try to work deals. The deal comes in the form of: If you (the company) give me cables, either for free or at cost, I'll promote you through posts on Audiogon, Audio Asylum, etc, if you refuse, I'll slam you every chance I get. Some companies apparently give in. This is why it is so important (and this gets said over and over again) to listen for yourself and not rely exclusively on the opinions of others, no matter how sincere we sound.
I think cables that are considered "dark" are perceived as something they are not. To me, dark simply means that alot of that "noise hash" that you normally hear is simply not present. It does take getting used to though.

I have demo'd the PAD Museaus line and they were probably the quietest cable I have ever heard. Warm? Not sure, probably more in the camp of fullness.

Dark to me means bass-heavy, sometimes to the point that midrange color gets lost and everything takes on a rather heavy dark shading, sopranos included. It can easily be heard via shifts in voice timbre. Warm usually equates to emphasis in the upper bass, low mids.
Flex, having heard the Dominus for a period of time I can say without reservation that your statement could not be more wrong. When I auditioned Dominus the bass was as tight and fast as I have ever heard. There was no bloat or bloom to it.

I have a friend who has speakers that I think have a somewhat bloated bass, he has used Purist cables almost exclusively for years. Every time I have heard his system after he has upgraded to a better Purist cable the bass is better, much more taut and explosive.

Dominus is the most neutral cable I have heard. I wish I could afford it, because I would gladly replace all of the Purist cables I own with Dominus. I wrote a review of my experience if you would like to read it.
I may be wrong, but didn't one of the Stereophile writers mock the Purist Audio RLS cables because they used a light in the cable. I thought I remember reading a sarcastic comment about shining a flashlight at your cables to accomplish the same thing.
I was very sorry to read that some companies have been threatened with negative posts by members here and elsewhere. This is simply extortion, and I hope the companies consider forwarding such mail to the moderators for action.
Which posts are you referring to Tobias? This thread seems to me to be as neutral as threads get.. just speculation on magazine reviewing and reasons?
Flex, read the posts again (Mt 10425).
Many of the better products are rarely seen in review. Purist Audio is included in the group right along with Jadis, Tube Research, Meitner, and First Sound. You rarely see these manufacturers mentioned, though they make some wonderful gear. Why you don't see them is unknown by me.

Jim Aud's cables are certainly worthy of a review.
Mt10425, I hope your post is not true. What a crock. When you say "our members," are you sure?? Tobias is saddened, and I am embarrased. Audiogon is a class act, and I doubt any attempts to downgrade a good product would be taken seriously here, or would be allowed to stand without an opposing view. No cable, or component, will work well in every system, and for every listener, but unsubstantiated slams will generally not fly here. If what you imply is truly happening, the folks at those companies have my full support and encouragement to tell the moochers to KMA!

Regarding the post at hand, I suspect what gets reviewed may also be somewhat dependant on which manufacturers submit products to the review publications. Some companies may be more concerned with this, especially the ones who mass market or rely on higher volume sales. Other companies may largely trust the products to stand on their own merits, and for their customers (like us), and their dealers, to carry the torch by telling others how good we believe their products to be. - Tim
I believe it is a risk for companies to submit products for review. It is a challenge to get your product into the magazine, and then the review may not be as good as you had hoped. My Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rods are a case in point. These speakers were an underground success, but Chip Stern's Stereophile piece ranked them in class "C", damning them with faint praise.

Some manufacturers may prefer to stay clear of such dangers.

One other thought. I do not know American law, but the extortion that Mt10425 refers to may be actionable.
Purist Audio Design in 2003 won the Golden Ear Award with our Dominus line in the Absolute Sound. We have had many of our products worldwide in rave reviews. We have been mentioned as products used in reference systems for review. We also in the past have been mentioned as recommened component in Stereophile for our Colossus Line, however we have not submitted any products currently produced to Stereophile.
I guess that answers my question. Thanks, Ms Auld-Stahl.
I do not know why the Purist Audio Dominus cables do not receive more favorable press, however I do believe my ears and since I got my digtal Dominus cable, I am certainly a believer!
Kimberly, thanks for weighing in on this subject. I guess there probably isn't a better source.
when buying purist cables, eg dominus, how important is it to get revision b or c? revision a's are certainly cheaper used?
Huge difference in base tightness and bandwidth between Rev A and B. Rev C is a nice change but not as audible.

This based on listening tests in my own system.