Purist Audio "Purist 20th Anniversary" I/C

Hello my friends!

I have a pair or Purist Audio "Purist 20th Anniversary" balanced interconnect to demo in my system. First impressions are very impressive with a really liquid but tonally balanced midrange and very nice top and bottom end. Although a very expensive cable I think they worth the money.

What is your opinion regarding these cables? Have you compared them to similarly priced products? Your opinion would be highly appreciated!
Please help me decide!


Hi, I own a pair of these interconnects. Plus 4 of the 20th Anniversary power cords.

I think you said it right...it's worth it.
Jfrech thanks for your response!:)

These cables continue to amaze me! I have connected the Gryphon Diablo integrated with the EMM LABS CDSA driving the Verity Sarastro speakers.

Usually when I audition a cable it drives my attention to one of its attributes. You know "The resolution is better, the sound-stage is bigger etc".
What strikes me more about this cable is that in sounds like MUSIC. Its really weird. It also has the best PRaT I have heard from a cable.

Jfrech I also got a an Aether Revision 3 power cord but I cant seem to find them on the Purist Audio website. Is this an older model?


These cables are amazing and continue to get better with break in. The only way I can describe it is that they have "SOUL". They just sound more like music than any other cable. They're definately worth it go for it. Good luck.
Hi re: "Aether Revision 3 power cord"

Must be a older model, sometimes the cords have different names overseas or specially made/type of cable for specific foreign markets. I'd check with Purist directly or a dealer maybe like Porterhouse Audio..
Bryceeboy you are spot on with the "Soul" comment! These are the most musical and un-fatiguing cables I have heard, without losing transparency or detail.

Jfrech it would be great if you could ask Purist for me. Maybe you are right about an overseas name as I am from Greece.

I think these cables are a keeper.


Purist cables are very different from most cables i've used/ I've triedthe museus, elementa adv, aq anniv and the venustas.

the higher you go the more it gives you transparency, more holographic depth, etc. Never harsh, very analogue, but clear sound with good details.

anyone here tried the proteus provectus ?
Hello Nolitan I've been using the Proteus provectus and really like them, I was using Dominus before and need smaller size to fit in my system rack.

How does provectus differ from dominus ?
the most i got into the PAD line is the aqueous anniv IC. I did try their venustas speaker cable which i really like as well.

tks for insight.
Hello Noli,

I find the Proteus Provectus has a better midrange and sweeter top end than the Dominus in my system. By the way I had a Ferox Dominus, the Dominus had more powerful bass and a more extended top end, but less depth in the midrange.
something to seriously consider!!
Jim Aud has done a fantastic job with the new Proteus Provectus cables.
They are really awesome cables. He makes a Proteus Provectus tonearm cable now and I am considering upgrading my Venustas to this one. This is THE tonearmcable to beat IMHO.

I hope so ! My new Proteus Provectus tonearm cable is on a fedex truck to be delived to me today ! I am moving from a Venustas...
Jfrech, congratulations for your system, TOP ! Apparently you are also a big Purist Audio enthousiast. Those cables do transport music like no other. I was very sceptical , and when I tryed one in my system, no-way to give it back, it is addictive ! Please give us your impressions of your move from Venustas to Proteus Provectus tonearmcable...
It's great to hear of the new wave of Purist cables....mainly tonearm cables.

I too ran with Venustas and then later Dominus tonearm cables. Once I compared the Stealth Hyperphono, the above Purist cables were grainy and had mediocre resolution on the top. Fortunately the Stealth retained the incredible Dominus bass foundation and midrange textures.

The Graham IC-70 was a major disappointment, significantly outperformed by the SilverAudio SilverBreeze and a late 1980s Straightwire phono cable.

Now with two tonearms, I'd like to find another tonearm cable that is not so expensive like the Stealth. It sounds like the new Provectus might be worthy of audition. What's the going price of the Provectus?
I started a new thread on the analog forum about the new Proteus Provectus tonearm cable.
Fellows, I am back in the corner---again! The Purist
Audio Anniversary power cords are my fondest wish. But,
now comes PSAudio with their newest configs and I am
wondering if these silver(etc.) cords are the Purists in
disguise? That would save me a bundle. Any comparisons?
Thanks in advance. Bgordon829
For me, Purist is the best factory the wire.