Purist Audio : Proteus Provectus speaker cable


Has anybody heard this cable? What is it's character?
Thank you.
A very quiet cable with a rich smooth copper sound and heaps of inner detail. I didn't have to live with these and grow into the sound, they were amazing and only got better(smoother) as they settled in.

Could you compare the Purist to the Cardas Golden Reference?

Thank you.
Copper doesn't have a "sound".

The old wives' tale that copper has a soft sound and silver has a hard sound is perpetuated by those who don't listen enough but read too much.

There are many examples of detailed/hard sounding copper cables and lush/soft sounding silver cables.

The overall soncis are determined far more by the cable geometry, dielectric, and conductor purity than conductor itself.
I haven't heard Cardas Golden Reference SC in my system so no I can't, but I will say I think they are not as forward sounding as the Purist.
Personally I wouldn't hesitate to use Cardas GR SC as every system I've heard them in I liked their full copper sound without any of that lush/soft silver sparkle, a characteristic I prefer not to have in my system at this time.

Don't you sell any any 100% copper cables?
To my ears silver still sounds like silver.
how would you characterize the sonic differences between the Proteus Provectus and the Venustas?
I haven't heard the Venustas.

Curious as well on these cables. Are they on the warm side ?
What are your speakers and amplifier ?
Did you also use their interconnects ?

Just saw your question.
They are "warmer" than my old AQ Volcanos with more inner detail.
I think the notes sounded fuller, richer just more natural sounding to my ears. Are the PPPs warm or were the AQVs lean?
Rather than type it out you can click on the (System) behind my name and see the complete rig.
Hi, so I just switched out my Dominus Ferrox speaker cable (these had the upgraded auctorita conductors) for Proteus Provectus.

While I may have downgraded in Purist's line, I think I upgraded from a system matching perspective. The Proteus Provectus absolutely are in a "top class" type of cable. More differing from Dominus, and maybe even 20th anniversary, then better or worse.

The Proteus Provectus strengths are in the mid range, increadible detail, clarity, resolution, but natural. They actually go deeper in the bass than my dominus and are quieter (both pleasant surprises). Dominus may have a touch wider stage with Proteus being deeper. Dominus may be touch more dynamic.

Anyway, these are nudges in one direction or the other in comparison to dominus. Except for the clarity comment. This is a definate nice thing...