Purist Audio Power Cables

Looking for some thoughts. I have pass labs amp, pre amp and oppo 105 front end. I demo'd many cables and decided and purchased Purist Audio Musaeus Luminist interconnects and Speaker cables. I was then introduced to PAD Power cables.. and I was Blown away. Since... i've now got Praesto Canorus on amp and Venustas on pre and blu ray. All lengths are 1.5M and run each from a seperate circuit from wall. It was mentioned that I should try a PAD LE into their new power extender box then connect my existing cables to units. Any thoughts on whats best.. ie using a box, or would a LE into amp and say Canorus be better?
As my good friend Skwisgaar Skwigelf, the world's premier
audio expert from the Netherlands told me: "Purists haves the
blackests blacks. Alsos, theys haves the mosts realistics
soundstages. Mosts powercords makes the images toos bigs and
makes instruments sounds wrongs. Whens I hears this, I says
"hahahahaha". It's the Americans sounds. Theys
likes everythings biggers than lifes. Buts Purists haves the
mosts naturals sounds. Alls you haves to do is listens".
Skwisgaar knows.
Those comments sound very much like things that Bo1972 would say.

I was about to make the same observation. I wonder if some Americans would like to comment about being lumped together in the haha-big-images basket all together.
I have to agree... they completely changed my system. My goal is to get everything out of what i have. I've heard PAD LE is amazing... i guess demo is only way to go.. thecableco here i come..
so Back to my question .. the PAD AC box or not. The question is would teh LE bring enough to help all 3 using the box, or would box remove any gains. Thats the question..
As the famous Skwisgaar Skwigelf says 'I knows mores about da the 3d. And akwiuos purrists does it bestest. I showed peoples all the times and they sees it for da first time. And then they say 'Skwisgaar you are number one'. We love you Skwisgaar. Skwisgaar says you gotta listens, jus listens.
I have a friend who is a professional chef and she firmly believes that most people have no idea of whether food is good or bad. They know if the portions are large and if the steak is "soft", but not much more. If you tell them a restaurant is good,they think it's good. I believe the same goes for audio. IMO, the majority of listeners have no idea of what they're listening to. If they hear a piano that's 50' long, they think it's great. So, to each his/her own. If that's what people enjoy, fine with me. It's their money and their system.
The thing about Purist cables is that they have their own sound. I think cables should have no sound. Purist cables make systems sound more like tubes than solid state...that may be good to some, but I think its coloring.
07-28-14: Stringreen
The thing about Purist cables is that they have their own sound. I think cables should have no sound.

All cables have their own sound, anyone who thinks otherwise is only fooling themselves. Just because certain cables mate better in your opinion with your ancillary equipment does not mean they don't have a sound of their own. It simply means that their sound balances well with the sound that your electronics and speakers make too. Everything in audio has a sound, including cables, fuses, outlets, capacitors, etc., etc.

I totally agree. All the talk about cables and components that just let the music come through without any impact on SQ is nonsense. This is a marketing ploy, IMO.