Purist Audio new cables

Has anyone heard their new cables?Only Dominus keeps fluid shielding.Maximus, Colossus and Proteus have been discontinued,I guess.There are two new cables with what they call Ferox shieldng.I use Maximus and Colossus,and like them a lot,so I am a little concerned.
I use the Proteous with great results and know that the fluid will evaporate or disapear with time. Who is to say the Ferox will not leak out or disappear and you wouldn't even know is my biggest concern. I thought it was just their video cables with the ferox, but I would want to be able to tell if the contents were full IMO. Does anyone else know about this???
Am I wrong about this or is Ferox a gas rather than a liquid? I've been asking the same questions as Inna since I realized they discontinued all my cables and started over with new stuff.
Oh well, maybe I can buy more Proteus when others want to buy the new cables.
I have been listening to the new Museaus and Venustas cables for some time now and own both of them. Both of these new models are absolutely incredible in my opinion. The Museaus kills everything in it's price range and the Venustas is so close to the Dominus in performance I would not even bother with the Dominus (way too expensive). You're right, the Dominus is now the only Purist cable left that uses the fluid jacket.
So the fluid rap was all wet?:)

The fluid jacket approach was interesting but the new plasma jacket in my opinion is a big improvement.
To answer the questions about Ferox, it is neither a gas or a liquid and will therefore never leak or evaporate.
I just loaned a 10ft bi-wire set of Museaus from "The Cable Company" and tried them on my Classe amp and B&W's and was not very impressed with them. I currently use PAD Aqueous for the Hi freq connection and PAD Elementa for the LF,
and Colossus interconnects (balanced and SE).
I found the Museaus to be not as smooth as the Aqueaous.
Especially on Female vocal the Museaus was a little bright.
This was an already burned-in pair, on loan. I di give them a couple more days of burn-in time, but I was not that much more impressed. The only thing it did better than my current cables was the bass response was fuller and deeper.
For now, I will stick with my current. Anybody looking to upgrade, you can sell me your colossus.
Jmphotography,at last I hear a different opinion.I think that Bobgates is involved to an unknown to me degree with trading of these products.I would not trust too much Twl's(similar thread)words either-he is usually a little biased and likes his Teres and Berning too much.About the bass in your system.I use Colossus speaker cables and have no complaints.I never compared Elementa speaker cables to Colossus but did compare interconnects in my system:Elementa RevA,Aquaeous original and Maximus original.Maximus and Aquaeous were close though not quite equal and Elementa was very good but weaker in all respects including bass.So,you probably just need Maximus or Colossus speaker cables.Newer is sometimes worse,there are enough people,for example,who prefer older Rowlands Levinsons and Krells.
Inna, you are correct about the elementa. However, my outlook is changing on the new Musaeus. The loaner pair of Musaeus was only broken-in on a "Cable Cooker" I have left the Musaeus in my system for a few days now and it is settling-in very nicely. It is much fuller bottem end and very detailed and open. I also borrowed a run of colossus to compare to the musaeus and I must say, I am very impressed. Jim Aud is correct that the new sheilding is a much lower noise floor and allows you to hear more of the fine details of the recording. I think that was what I was hearing in the upper frequency, and now it is starting to smooth out a little. It is just as open as Colossus and soundstage is as wide and deep if not deeper. I will let you know what I decide.
I do not know how those new PAD’s cables but the “old” PAD cables (Colossus, Proteuss, Dominus) could not be broken-in by ANY broken-in devises. If you even connect the entire output of the Hoover Dam to a PAD cable and run it for days it will not be broken-in. The PAD cable could be broken-in only by the actual signal…
I have used the Purist burn-in disc with great success on several PAD cables. To my ear it really sped up the process.

Inna does TWLs liking his own system damage his credibility or enhance it? I know for a fact that he does not own any Purist cable (unless he just bought it) so how is his opinion tainted. Attacking the messenger does nothing to call into question the value of his message. I have gone to TWL with questions several times and found his advice/knowledge/experience to be invaluable. Our systems have nothing in common and our likes are practically polar opposites, except for the enjoyment of the music, but his willingness to help is refreshing.

jmphotography-I just ordered some Museaus ICs and speaker cable so I hope your assessment is correct. I'm buying it based on the advice of a friend and some of the comments made on AudiogoN. I already own Colossus and Proteus ICs so I'm curious to see how the new cable compares.
Nrchy, I noticed that you also have Cardas Golden Cross in your system. How does it compare to the Purist Proteus and Colossus?
The Cardas is actually sitting on my record rack. I used it on my Nakamichi cassette deck until I sold the tape player. The Purist cables you mentioned are all better than the Cardas. Cardas Golden C is a very good cable, it's just that the Purist are better. They are like moving up to a completely different level. I recently sold a pair of Neutral Reference because as good as they sounded the Purist were better and the Neutral Reference sounded better than the Golden C.
Look forward to your final conclusions about the Museaus cables.Yes,Nrchy,I believe it damages his objectivity;but it was not my only point.Let's concentrate on more important things;like Purist cables.Thank you.
Nrchy, thanks for your thoughts regarding Cardas Golden Cross. I've been considering either Cardas Golden Reference or PAD cables to replace my Synergistic Res Ref and Designer Ref IC and Speaker cable. The Synergistic is excellent cable IMO, but I'm looking for a little more "body" to the sound. Part of this may be related to room accoustics also.

From most of my contacts (some trusted, some not so), I have been told that PAD's or Cardas would be a better match than Synergistic for my Kharma/Atma-Sphere combo. Anyone have thoughts on this matter? Thanks!
Nrchy, I have ordered the Musaeus Bi-wired and I am going to loan a pair of Musaeus IC XLR from The Cable Company.
Maybe for curiosity I will also loan the Venustas. I do not know If I can afford that, but It would be fun to try.
I'll let you know.