Purist audio Neptune cables

Has anyone had experience with the new purist Neptune speaker cables.

I am after something with
Rich midrange, that is open with good clarity too
Lush bass, not too slow or heavy
Sweet highs, not bright or hard sounding
Overall sort of neutral
Natural timbres

I have YG carmel speakers and solid state gear.
That's quite a list of demands for a pair of cables. You're probably better off matching components that are more to your liking, and then buy some neutral sounding cables. Either way, Cable Company does have Purist to lend out. That's your best option.
I have had superb luck with their Pluto cable. A bit cold, but a great sense of space.
Neptunes are all that . They are rich through the midrange , good bass, airy and sweet top end and startling spaciousness and clarity without any grain or table fatigue.

My current favourites in my system.  I also have Siltech Triple Crown, Jorma Origo and some Tara Labs .
Purist is wonderful sounding cables but it all depends on your system and tastes.I like copper its generally warmer some like silver thats up to you and your system .
Siltech Triple Crown is a wonderful cable its good to be a high roller!!
In the past the PAD cables were my favorite but did find them on the darker side of neural also had some pricey TARA cables but found them to lean for my tastes. Then discover some unknown cables from Poland which did only one thing and that was play music. End of story. 

I have Purist audio Neptune speaker cables. I think with this specific model Purist came up with something special. Music just naturally flows when they are in the system. Good textured bass, airy sweet highs and midrange to die for. This one is a keeper for sure.
I was using Transparent speaker Super cables before. One day I decided to replace my speakers. At the store, I fell in love with a pair of Verity Audio Fidelio speakers, they were linked with Siltech 770. I bought the speakers, not the cables. Once at home, it sounded poor so I replaced the cables with the Neptunes (Siltech were too costly). It’s all very good. Is it as good as the Siltech? Not sure. Would bet the Siltech is finer and smoother but it’s also a question of personal preference. Neptunes are « juicy », Siltech are probably more measured.