Purist Audio ICs with tubed preamp/amp

I'd like to know if anyone out there can give me some information on the use of Purist Audio XLR ICs, especially Aqueous Aureus or Venustas, with tubed preamp & amp. I have Ayre C5xeMP CDP, BAT VK51SE, BAT VK75SE and Von Schweikert 4jr speakers. I am currently using Wireworld Golden Eclipse CDP to preamp, and Straightwire Crescendo II preamp to amp. I have used Audience au24 and XLO Signature 3. Neither of these 2 could give me the spread, depth and clarity that I currently have. I am not at all unhappy with the sound. Just exercising my right to make changes and I agree with others who have mentioned that ICs can act a tonal controls.
Many threads here on Audiogon discuss the different "sound" of these 2 cables, AA being limited in bass with Venustas going deeper. Please do not go too crazy suggesting different cables.
Thanks for your help.
Hi So I used to own a BAT VK51SE/150SE's. I used Venastus, Dominus Ferrox, then 20th Anniversary. All are a super combo with BAT.

Currently I have been using a Nagra PLL pre and Ayre MXR amps but stuck with the Purist Cables. Personally, for your setup, I'd try the new Proteus Provectus Praesto cables from Purist. I am really happy with the tranparency, resolution, and super low noise. More extention to. Incredible bottom end.

good luck !