Purist Audio Genesis SC vs PAD Museaus?

I own B&W 804S and McIntosh MC275 and was about to pull the trigger on PAD Museaus biwire speaker cables, and saw an add about the new PAD Genesis cables. Has anybody been able to listen to them and, better yet, compare them to Museaus?

BTW, my ICs are Museaus RCA.

No replies in 3 days. Really nobody has heard the PAD Genesis?
Just got a Genesis from the Cable Company and been listening to it over the weekend, it is a very nice sounding cable very open and fast as compared to the Musaeus.
Finally, someone who has tried Genesis. :) How smooth are they, particularly in the treble/upper frequencies? Do they produce a large 3 dimensional sound stage? I hear they are closer to the Aqueous than the Musaeus. Do you prefer them over the Musaeus? How do they compare to other speaker wire you have tried? (ie PAD Elementa, Analysis Plus Oval 9, other....) Thanks.
Fuzzball, thanks for the comment. So you were able to try both Genesis and Museaus on the same system. Great!

help me understand cable terminology: open means it soundstages better, you better hear placement of instruments and separation between them?

fast refers to the bass only? Or it emphasizes mid/hi frequencies?

In which areas do you feel the Museaus is better?

Hello Lewinskih01

Both the Genesis And the Museaus have great soundstages the differences is seat postions. The Genesis puts you in row D while the Museaus put you in row H. Fast is referring to the bass being accurate and deep with control, I find the Musaeus to be on the Fat side with a little bloom. I find both cable have a very nice none fatigueing top-end. I feel the Genesis has more microdynamics, macrodynamics than the Musaeus which I find exciting in my system. Hope this helps, get some from the Cable Company and give me your feedback.