Purist Audio-fluid, ferox or contego?

Do they really sound different? Anyone compared the same model? I heard that some prefer fluid to ferox despite the latter being a little quieter and a little more dynamic.
I am thinking about sending my original Maximus for a check-up and suppose it could be filled with any of those scientific stuff. I am not planning to use tube equipment in the near future except perhaps a phono stage.
I've had Ferrox and fluid dominus in the past. And yes you can hear it. Ferrox being more extended at each end, more quiet and more dynamic. Fluid having more beauty in the mids. If you're using solid state I'd consider the fluid or contego...

It's all good...just depends which way you want to nudge things...if you have more than one cable you can mix n match. Which is what I did...
Thank you. I think I'll stay with the fluid.