Purist Audio Dominus and Provectus IC's thoughts

Now....I realize that this question is system dependent - and if there has been any point driven home here on Audiogon is that - '' every cable reacts, responds and sounds differently in every system and also to everybody's ears ''....So, with that out of the way - has anybody listened to these cables in their systems and came away with an educated comment on the cables. I am hearing ( no pun ) that the Dominus may be fazed out in the years to come. I have also heard that the Provectus has in some systems actually outperformed the Dominus in speed and definition....in the audio shows I did see where Purist used a combination of both of these cables - now - I just want to know about the comparison about their interconnects...thank you for thoughts
Hi, I recently went from Dominus Ferrox to Proteus Provectus. I think this is a system dependency thing also, so given that...Instead of speed and definition, I use the words "clarity and resolution" are better.

The image size may not be a wide/deep/tall as the Dominus, but it's close and this is a subtle difference.

The other VERY nice thing is Proteus Provectus is small, light weight and highly flexible. Much nicer to use for interconnects. Breakin takes a while like most Purist cables and these may take a little longer, but they seem to sound better from the start and just ease out over time.

Hope this helps