Purist Audio Design /Tara Labs

A question on spkr. cables for Krell FPBcx series and WP8s? I am looking at PAD Venustas Praesto or Tara Labs 0.8/0.5 and maybe JPS Labs SC-3. Looking for comments on cables with equip. not about equip.
Call the Cable Company and borrow all three SC's from their lending library and see what floats your boat. PAD is a more euphonic cable, in my experience, while Tara Labs are more neutral and transparent. I prefer Tara Labs, but I believe one's preference is very system dependent.
PP (personal preference) is important, and thanks for saying the amp and speakers (you'd be surprised how many people don't!) All three are excellent products. I use one of them ;--)

But the most important factor in A--B'ing ANY kind of cables is making sure your samples are BROKEN IN! Which is why I agree with Mcondon's recommendation that you put up some non-refundable deposit money to get your samples from the Cable Company. And although it's unlikely they'll send you a pair of new ones, don't be afraid to specify that you want all USED cables! Otherwise you could be making an expensive mistake. My $ 0.02 ;--)
Get the Purist Audio Venustas. I have a set of Bi-wires and they are the best speaker cable I have ever had in my system.
Don't know about the Venustas but my original Maximus is not euphonic though I wouldn't exactly call it neutral. Tara is usually somewhat thin and bright but I haven't tried their best. Purist cables always have great midrange and overall natural, to my ear, sound.