Purist Audio Design Museaus PC

Has anybody tried these on thier Dac & transport?I cant find any info on them.
Museaus is the bargain cable in Purist line. About equal the performance of (older) Purist Proteus interconnect but retails for less than $300.00.

Museaus tonal balance is neutral to slightly warm, completely free of ringing in the highs and has very low capacitance and resistance. Ideal for Digital.
I would agree with Albert. It is much better than the old Colossus and just as good as or maybe even better than the old Proteus. I use it between my integrated tube amp and CD player in my second system.
Hi, You can read a review of the Musaeus line @ www.positive-feedback.com/issue14/padmusaeus.htm#top

I am wondering how the Museaus power cord is?