Purist Audio Design Musaeus Speaker Cable Bi-Wire

I need Purist Audio Design Musaeus Speaker Cable Bi-Wire spade-spade and i need to know the price.

Thank you.

paul. (Thailand)
go to www.thecableco.com and look it up. You will get a US price, though. Alternatively, e-mail Purist Audio and ask for a retailer in Thailand. BTW, I'm considering these same speaker cables.
Very good cables!I had a pair when I had speakers that could be biwired.I still use several pairs of the ICs.
I wanna say $1100?
for 8 feet pair
Hello Paul - Purist is a bit unlike other cable manufacturers in many respects. Their bi-wire cable has double the number of conductors as a stereo pair instead of what most companies do - dividing the stereo conductors in some "magic" formula. IN regards to length, Purist does not count the "tails" of their cables in the length, so if you need an 8 ft pair tip to tip, you should order a 2M pair ($699.00) which will end up being the 8 ft length. Enjoy!