Purist Audio Design in One word

Dear all,
I’m always looking to try out diff cables and cords from diff brands. Now Purist is next on my wish list, so before getting too deep and too technical, products line, house sound... in your experience with Purist, what would you put it all in one word? I’d like to hear it from all of you.
Thank you
I'm a long term user.  They produce a dense, balanced sound on a very quiet background.  I'll leave it to you to distill this into one word...
@kleech Could you please emphasize more of the word dense?
I just been informed that there are also fake Purist cables floating around... So sad !
Please help how to detect fake ones. Thank you
in this context dense is the opposite of light and wispy.  Full-bodied might be another two wonder.  Send the serial numbers of the cables to PAD for verification if in doubt.  BTW, I have a pair of Venustas SC for sale if you are interested :-)
Great sound and built quality a great co as well.Jump on them asap!!
Im seeing couple pair preowned on eBay and I totally don’t know their value in used market. Please Let me know or PM me a pair of interconnect that you think it’s a good price/ performance ratio value. Thank you
@kleech PM sent
The upper models are very good, and very expensive.

I used to own Musaeus range, which is a very good performer at reasonable price when compared to upper models. 
Never heard Musaeus, should be good, at least newer revisions.
Don't buy Maximus - it has low resolution and is too forward sounding. I think, the best value is Colossus fluid, any revision beginning with the original. Very difficult to find. Don't buy Colossus Ferox. This cable was designed with fluid, Jim Aud of Purist just stopped refilling it with fluid at some point. With Ferox the cable is off the balance. Now, if you buy fluid Colossus you will be unable to have it refilled so it's a risk. I had my Colossus refilled once seven years ago - it is still full. I heard that Purist improved their sealing technique and newer and newerly refilled cables may never need a refill. If I ever replace Colossus fluid I would have to go very high in Purist line, to Neptune.
How do Purist cables diff or similar to Cardas?
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How do Purist cables diff or similar to Cardas?
I much prefer the Purist. Both can be pricey. Musaeus is a very good entry level cable. We've been using Neptune at recent audio shows with excellent results. 
Purist Cables have a "tube" sound in spite of solid state gear.  Lots of people like that

I would reach out to @albertporter for best possible guidance on cable within Purist line. He is a great guy, very knowledgeable and a long time Purist Cable Dealer. Based on your current system, he can advise you what would be the best line to start off. 

My partly educated guess would be that in the current Luminist Revision line Aqueous would be the best value. I haven't heard it yet but that's my impression after talking to those in the know. Neptune is great, I have RCA interconnects. My only minor complaint is that at this level it could have slightly better high frequencies extension. Tchernov Audio Reference that I also have has some advantage in this area. Both great cables, very different, in most cases with most recordings I prefer Purist Neptune. And I think nothing or maybe very few other cables can give you such an incredible soundstage.
Agree with lalitk reach out for Albert Porter.  
Thank you all. I really appreciate each every one of you. I’ve been talking and emailing with Albert and have learn a lot. Also, Purist online’s product history was much helpful.for a newbie.
I have decided to fresh start with a pair of interconnect Musaeus Luminist Rev...
Excellent decision. Give them at least 250 hours of burn-in time, pay little attention to how they sound before that unless you are curious.

Hi Nasaman,

I have used Purist cables on and off for over 20 years.  I could give you a number of thoughts, but in one word?  Rich.


@rzado Thank you. 
I'm more familiar, therefore, more comfortable buying MIT and Transparent Cables. Has anyone tried them and compared with PAD? I think I'm going to like PAD too.
I’m OP,
So my brand spanking new PAD Musaeus Luminis version XLR just arrived and from the first 5 min plugged in (I know, I couldn’t wait), it’s definitely sweeter, rounder, QUITER and slightly more polite; fully magical- easier to the ears which I was hoping for. Bass is more authority but some parts still disorted. In few tracks, female vocal Katie Melua’s highs still have some “psss psss” (but that’s expecting to soft down once cables breaking in?)
This pair XLR replaced (cheapy) $150-ish used MITerminator Proline, and over all, I’m loving it.
Wow, wait, it’s been nearly half an hour now and sound staging is beautifully forming as I’m ending this follow-up. Thank you ev1. 
After 4 days of hard listening my brand spanking new Purist interconnect, I have one word for it; it is "Magical".
I’m done searching. It’s a jaw dropping. How the heck Jim did it?
I have an original set of Aqueous interconnects that I purchased almost 30 years ago and still love them. They are very “rich” as was previously mentioned. The opposite of harsh or shrill. Mine have the clear jackets so you can see the water, and after all this time, they still have about 2/3 of the water in there, so I would say they hold up great.
sdv0983, I had the original Aqueous. If you can try current Neptune or at least Poseidon. I also really like Colossus fluid. Neptune is such a sophisticated and powerful cable with incredible soundstage.