Purist Audio Design Character and tone

Since I don't have any dealers locally that carry this cable I was curious if anybody could explain to me the character or tone it gives a system. I currently use a mixture of Harmonic Technology and Audience Maestro cables but have been thinking of replacing my Audience speaker cables with HT Pro 9 Plus speaker cables to match my HT Prosilway mk II's. On more then one occasion however a person has recommended both Carda's and PAD cables.

If I went the PAD root I'd most likely look at the Musaeus lineup because finacially it makes the most sense. I currently use a Krell/Totem combo and I'm looking for an increase in warmth and tighter bass response. I find Harmonic Technology cables usually do this quite well and also lower the noise floor. My musical tastes are mostly current alt/rock so I'd love to add warmth but not at the expense of limiting dynamic's or making my speakers sound even more laid back. I like the occasional punchy sound hence the reason I have Krell with Totem.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
Wow, what a lame response. Hopefully my description will be better than nothing. I have owned PAD Musaeus and HDI for a brief period. They are warm and they have a large sprawling soundstage. They are also really coherent throughout the band and yield a very black background. Don't worry about dynamics. I feel like am practically talking my self in to buying them again...nah. They are always worth a shot, and so is Cardas. Find some used or a 30-day trial.
Hi Lush

I had the Musaeus I/Cs and speaker cables in my system, which is all krell gear with Aerial 10T speakers, for several months. The highs are somewhat rolled off and the bass is not very tight.

At first try it will sound more warm, but IMO you should look for something more extended in the highs and bass in order to get the most from your system.

Try Cardas Golden Reference.

I am a purist owner and to be honest, with your Krell/Totem combo my first choice would be to try Kimber cables. If you dont like those and wanted to give Purist a shot...try either the new elementa advance praesto or the more expensive venustas. I agree with the other person who said Musaeus is more rolled off. both err on the warm side but use different shielding so the presentation will differ between the 2. Visit Purists web site for more info. FYI I use a combo of purist cables you dont have get one model for your entire system.
Skip the Musaeus if you want to try Purist for newer Aqueous or Venustas if you can. I am not familiar with the totally revised Elementa; it can be good. But you know, before you might want to do that, give DiMarzio M-path interconnects and Super M-path speaker cables a try. For $160 1.0 M pair M-path RCAs are very very good. I use them and I use older Purist cables. And I am very serious about cables. DiMarzio interconnects work well with Purist speaker cables in my system. If I could I would of course replace them all with Purist Proteus Praesto Revision.
Cheaper Purist is not likely to give you enough of high frequency extension and tight bass.
Great cable but you must go up the line.
Agueous or Venustas both would sound wonderful.
Venustas is as high as I have auditioned and is not cheap. I question the need to go beyond it...its that good all around.