Does anybody have positive experiences with these interconnects or speaker cables.My amp is a Krell KSA 250 driving ML QUESTS. Thanks
I use only Purist Audio Design in my system, and I have tried most of the cable available (including many of the AC cables). In my experience, Purist is the quietest, most neutral, and lowest distortion cable available. It has near perfect tonal balance, spacious depth and width in the soundstage, and superior dynamics. I go to great extremes to get my system right, and I would not consider any other company's wire products, based on my current testing results. You will get other opinions, but do the testing yourself, and see what results the music brings.
I use the XLR balanced PAD's, so far its the best I have come across.........
JPS or Miller Sound is the best for the money. I use them on my Martin-Logan's SL3's. NONE BETTER except maybe Electraglide!!
So far, their Proteus aes/beu digital cable is the best I've used for my Forsell D/A and Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 ! the cable is so finely balanced! darn, expensive thou! I can't wait to try out their interconnects.