Purist Audio Dealers

Can I please get a few suggestions for dealers that will sell with a reasonable discount? Thanks.

The Cable Company is the largest dealer where you can try and  buy. If you are on their "frequent flyer program," it can save you money.
'thevoicethatis.com is a dealer. Could not be a nicer dealer..
I would suspect that a couple good ones may contact you offline after reading this thread. I've had that happen before. ;^)
Contact Albert Porter through one of his Purist Audio cables ads here on Audiogon. He will get back to right away with a quote for whatever PAD model you are interested in. I have bought PAD cables from him in the past and was very pleased.
thanks for the guidance. keep it coming

I've bought PAD in the past from Sounds Of Silence and got a very aggressive discount.
Good luck and let us know how you make out. 

Where is sounds of silence located?

A quick Google search shows SOS in New Hampshire.
Contact Steve, Audiogon member sksos1.

I second Albert - great customer service and competitive pricing.

The best discounts I got on anything is from Perrotta Consulting. Anthony is great to deal with and authorized Purist dealer.
Albert has always done me right 
Sksos1 is my personal friend and dealer,  highest recommdations 🖒
Another thumbs up for Albert!

go one the purist website provides a list of dealers under purchase
meant go to purist
Cable co is very slow to help guy is always on the phone.

Cable company crappy service high prices!!
Cable company crappy service high prices!!

Axe to grind? Using Cable Co. for 20 years, good service. Not high prices, just retail prices. Most of their products cannot be found cheaper, or not without a lot of effort or "connections".
Glad your happy i was not. Enjoy!!