Purist Audio Colossus / Nordost SPM

Comments requested from anyone who has experience with the Colossus or SPM interconnects (or speaker cables) will be appreciated.
A good friend of mine just did a similar comparison in his system consisting of Aesthetix preamp, Wolcott amps and Soundlab M1's. He preferred the Nordost top of the line to (my loaned to him) Purist Dominus.

I do know that Purist is about to release new product that has even greater performance. Unknown as to how that will be improved over current product.
Albert -

I really like the NOrdost Valhalla, but I liked the Magnan Signature better than the SPM. I had a customer test the Magnan Signature against the Purist Audio Proteus, and he preferred the Proteus (I sell the Magnan). So who knows - sounds like it's all a convoluted system-dependent thing.
I agree with that position, I just wanted to post the opinion of a good friend.

It is well known here at Audiogon how much I am biased in favor of Purist products. They are literally the only cable in my system. Even my Soundlabs speakers are wired with Dominus.

You prefer Magnan over SPM and yet a customer of yours choose Purist Proteus over your favorite. Pretty normal situation for high end audio. That is why so many posts here state the importance of the end user listening to the product in their own system.
I use SPM Speaker Cables and bought them used. My system is Conrad Johnson, Mosfet Amp 2300, CD Player Dv2b, PV 12. Magnepan 1.6 speakers. Audio quest interconnects (lapis).
I upgraded from Audioquest argent and midnigt, a very nice cable. Well, Upon listening, I had to sit down on the couch because IT BLEW ME AWAY TO HEAR KATHLEEN BATTLE'S CD, SO MANY STARS, LITERALLY SINGING IN MY LIVING ROOM....NO BS AND I WAS ACTUALLY A LITTLE ANXIOUS FROM THE EXPERIENCE, BUT THOUROGHLY EXCITED AND PLEASED.