Purist Audio Break In - Venustas

Need some info on fellow users of PAD Venustas. I used the Cable Co's library to review the Venustas and loved it. Just got my new Venustas in today and plugged them up and they are decided bright sounding. I know the cables need breaking in, but can someone tell me if the brightness is normal? The only difference between my set and the library set is mine is 3.5m long and the libraries was 2m long.
Hi, make sure you have them going in the right direction, crucial for these cables. Other than that you have two issues, first, after shipping they take a day or 3 just to settle down, then 150-200 hours of breakin.

You have great cables, just give em a bit...also they will get better then maybe worse during the breakin process...good luck and congrats on your new cables
As for the right direction, I have the label end of the cable on the amp (or source) end as the instructions say. I'm sure they will settle out, but I didn't know if the extra length might be the culprit of the brightness or that the cable just needs time.
The Venustas is not bright sounding, I think, some of your units are that way. That's all. When you want to avoid that "sound" you can compensate it with Cardas cables.
last lemming...the amp isn't the source in this instance...should be your cd player, pre amp etc...the amp is the destination for the signal in this case...

A extra 1.5 meters you won't hear..maybe in a super hi rez system going back and forth...but you'd likely have to have the hearing of a bat...

I bought the Venustas because when I borrowed them from the Cable Co they where not bright in the system, in fact they were perfect for me - no brightness at all. My personal set came in yesterday and it doesn't sound the same, it sounds bright (relative to the ones I borrowed). I'm assuming that is because the cables need to break in, but since the differences seemed so obvious I wanted to know if this is a normal experience for others.

By "source" I mean from where the signal comes from. In this case the amp is the source of the signal in relation to the speaker cables. I know the true source is the DAC however.
Hi Last Lemming,
strange. When I bought mine I got from the very first moment its sonic presentation and after "burn in" it just became a bit more in every sonic area but I never had such a dramatic sonic change from bright to smooth (or something like that).
HI sorry to pick on this again... but the labels should be closest to the dac or pre...not the amp...maybe I am not understanding something...just trying to help you sincerely. If the labels are close to the amp, I don't that that is right...

Unless these are speaker cables...and I am thinking interconnects...maybe that's the mis understanding ??

Hope this helps...again just trying to help

(I also have to agree with Syntax...the cables do improve but not that dramatic like bright to smooth...)
Sorry Jfrech, my fault, these are speaker cables. I just realized I didn't mention that anywhere.

I wouldn't have thought there would be a big change either, but it was quite obvious when the first song came on.
Wonderful smooth, quiet cable 200 hrs break in.You could have had Jim Aud break it in for a week as i did im running
21ft single ended.Even if its broken in takes 50 hrs to reach its peak in your system.Enjoy!!
How long have you had em playing now? Settling down any? Let us know for sure after you get about 200 hours on em...

One final question...did you audition purist venastas and buy purist venustas praesto? The praesto revision does make the cable a bit more quicker, quieter and a touch more resolution....but doesn't loose any of the warmth...could be a possibility.

I have the Venustas praestos

Seems like its settling down but I only have 12 hours on them
What would happen sonically if the speaker cables were install backwards, meaning the tag was at the speaker end vs the amp in? Could this contribute to brightness? I'm thinking maybe I had them installed the wrong way when I was auditioning them.
I did the same thing with a Museaus, borrowed from the cable company and then bought new. And I had the same experience. By the end of two weeks of listening a few hours a day, they settled into what they sound like now.... and what the loaner sounded like. Purist Cables are the first cables I've been able to hear an improvement with at a attainable price. Really great stuff.
Ah, good to know Dhcod!! Thanks.
The cables have indeed settled down and are now the same as what I heard with the borrowed pair. Man the system is sounding quite sweet!
How many hours did it take do you think?
If I had to guess about 120 hours at low volume