Purist Audio Break In - Venustas

Need some info on fellow users of PAD Venustas. I used the Cable Co's library to review the Venustas and loved it. Just got my new Venustas in today and plugged them up and they are decided bright sounding. I know the cables need breaking in, but can someone tell me if the brightness is normal? The only difference between my set and the library set is mine is 3.5m long and the libraries was 2m long.
Hi Last_lemming. Cables in my experience sometimes sound stiffer when they first arrive...PAD actually says so in the manual...and they further say moving them will often require 'letting them settle in again' over a matter of hours even after the cables have been well used for years.

do not worry...i would for sake of peace of mind, let them run 24 hours/7 days if you can...and thus burn in faster. BTW, i own all PAD power cables and have spoken with Jim Aud on numerous occassions (including just last week) and he is a forthright designer...he responds to emails quickly as well. good luck.
Hello. I too own two pairs of Venustas ics and they are not bright sounding cables. I would give them between 150 and 200 hours to break in. Yeah, just run music through them 24/7 for a week or so before you do any serious listening/judging. Both break in and settle in are very real phenomena. And it is not a linear phenomenon either. The cables will shift back and forth from bright to dark until the break in and settle in period is done. And Lloydelle is right - don't move the cables during the process as they will then need to re-settle. Your cables should sound just like the Cable Company loaners in a week or so. They are great cables.
Good to know, thanks
Venutas cables are the best bet, I have 2 ic 1 pc,  just love them!