Purist Audio. Anyone replaced Colossus with newest Poseidon ?

Thinking about replacing my RCAs from phono. All solid state system, MM cartridge. JIm , Purist designer, said yeah, that would be an upgrade in every area.
What do you think  Jim would say...."send me the money".  Inna, before spending any money at all, call ClearDay cables and speak to Paul who will send you audition cables free of charge.  .....just try it.
Nope, only interested in Purist for now. Jim recommended less expensive cable than I had thought would be a good upgrade. Stingreen, you just offended the man -Jim- without knowing anything. His reputation is very high, and rightly so.
One day I would like to try Echole cables. From little of what I read about them they appear to be quite special.
Your loss Inna.....and I have met Jim Aud many times....I have had many of his cables in my system and don't now.