Purist Aud Dominus or EGlide Ultra KStatement II

Which power cord..... The Purist Audio Dominus Rev C or Electra Glide Ultra Khan Statement II on a J. Rowland pre -amp or power amp
I would highly recommend the Purist Audio Dominus and Proteus cables/cords and the Shunyata King Cobra.
Electra Glide Ultra Khan Statement II without a doubt. I have owned both cables and the PAD is just too dark. To me it sounds a lot like the Elrod Statement, great full bass, excellent mids, but a little rolled-off on the top end. After a little while it improved to a point, but it never opened-up to fully extend the top end and make the soundstage as expansive as the Electra Glide or my NBS cables do.

My favorite cable of all time is the new Electra Glide Epiphany cable, it has the speed, detail, bass, 3-D mids, sooth extended treble and massive soundstage without over emphasizing any one characteristic. They wer just natural performenrs that let the music flow with all the detail and information and none of the fatigue. Almost all of this is shared by the Ultra Khan Statement II Rev also.
I have no experience with PAD, however can definately give a strong recommendation for the Electraglide Ultra Khan II... I am running a couple of them...

They have hands down beaten older Electraglide models, Synergistic Research, Shunyata, and Harmonix X-DC studio masters in my system.
I too recommend Purist Dominus power cords.

Jasonmcguire, your comments more accurately describe the Purist of several years ago, particularly the Rev A.

I like Rev A, but Rev B and especially Rev C and Ferox have much more extended high frequencies, resolving some peoples objections of a "rolled" off top end.

As with all Purist products, the preservation of dynamics, depth and tonal color is superb and difficult to live without once you've experienced it.

First off, I'd like to take this opportunity to complement you and your Porter Outlets. The two I recieved over a week and a half ago better the PS Audio Power Ports by a good margin. When I need more outlets, I'll be back!

Now back on topic. I had an Rev. C cable. It was the Ferox version, serial number 10003860, as I still have the four photos from the Audiogon listing when I sold it to a buyer in Japan. I did not cook it or anything. But in my system it was very bass heavy and too dark on top for my taste. It was a beatuiful cable and very well built.

Have either of you guys tried an Electra Glide Ultra Khan Statement II or Epiphany? Please give me your thoughts if you have, because I find them to be perfect in my system.
I compared the ElectroGlide Ultra Khan and the Purist Dominus and did not feel that the Electroglide was worth the additional money. In terms of performance both the cables were very similar; the Ultra Khan is almost 4 times as expensive as the Purist Dominus though.
What were the differences in each cable? Did you prefer one over the other?
Strengths and weaknesses. I know what I heard.

Currently you can purchase an Ultra Khan Statement II Revised/Revelation new for less than a Dominus.